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Blogger's Corner: An Interview with Actress Cece Abbassi

I'd like to introduce and welcome Cece Abbassi , who is originally from London England. Cece has come to New York to follow her dream of being an actor. This is not Cece's first time in New York.

Blogger's Corner: The Top Family-Friendly Companies to Work For

Companies offer onsite daycare, fully paid maternity leave, and more Though I'm not quite ready to leave my 5 month old daughter Dionne for the ole 9-5, I thought it would be interesting to research which companies offer the best benefits for working

Blogger's Corner: Health Alert: RSV and Bronchiolitis in Young Children

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) affecting young children Imagine your two-month-old baby gets what you think is a common cold. Her little nose is stuffed up and her little cries are stifled by her horse coughs.

Blogger's Corner: Candle Light Dinner for Three

Candlelight Dinner for Three: Including baby in date night turns out to be a great surprise. Like most, I had bought into the belief of separation-of-baby-and-date. Do the proper thing, and get a sitter and have a good time .

Blogger's Corner: DIVAS for Social Justice Hosts Robotics Practice Tournament in Bedford Stuyvesant

DIVAS for Social Justice is hosting a Robotics Practice Tournament at the Magnolia Tree Earth Center on January 4, 2014 at 12pm.
Blogger's Corner: Baby on Board

Blogger's Corner: Baby on Board

Traveling in the city with baby is an adventure waiting to happen. Traveling around the city with the baby has be somewhat of an adventure. Any time one has to leave the house with a little one, it's sure to involve a HUGE undertaking of preparation.

Blogger's Corner: Stranger Anxiety

Leaving your baby with the sitter can be as stressful for mom as it is for baby. Photo: I can admit this right from the start: I suffer, tremendously, from stranger anxiety.

BLOGGER'S CORNER: Pregnant While Working: A Conflict of Interest

Pregnant While Working: A Conflict of Interest, Photo: babble.

Blogger's Corner: Haters

You know you're a hater. Just admit it: You hate on everything about yourself. You even hate on others who reflect the things you hate about yourself, whether they are successful or not. You haters are everywhere.

Blogger's Corner: "Am I My Sister's Keeper? " Yes I Am!

Who does a young girl turn to answer the questions in her soul she is afraid to say aloud? What if there is no maternal voice in her immediate family or community for her to turn to for answers? DIVAS (Digital Interactive Visual Arts Sciences) for So