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Comptroller's New Pilot Program Lets Tenants Boost Credit Scores Through Rent Payments

The program allows tenants to add their rent payments to their credit histories; residents of neighborhoods like Brownsville and East New York with particularly low credit scores could benefit greatly from the new initiative In Brooklyn, residents of

Councilman Williams Calls for 'Common Sense Measures' in Wake of Florida School Shooting

Williams stressed the responsibility of elected officials to curb both the supply and the demands for guns, and to counteract the efforts of the Trump administration and the NRA that enable the "demonic obsession with guns.
City Moves to Replace Rikers Island with Community-Based Jails

City Moves to Replace Rikers Island with Community-Based Jails

The City Council agreed to begin a public review process  to transfer Rikers' inmates to smaller borough-based jails

New Web Portal NYCHOPE Offers Resources for Domestic Violence Survivors

NYCHOPE offers a directory of local services; information about signs of abuse; and a guide about how to help a person experiencing abuse - easily and safely accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Photo credit: NYC.

Senator Hamilton Pushes to Decriminalize 'Turnstile Jumping,' Introduces Bill

Hamilton proposes that 'turnstile jumping' will no longer be classified as a misdemeanor; instead, the offense will be a civil penalty of $100 or community service.

City Launches New Program to Offer Free Legal Services to Small Businesses

Under the new Commercial Lease Program, small businesses can now receive up to 40 hours of free legal consultations to resolve issues around business leases, eviction notices and contract disputes.

Adams Proposes Plan of Action to Tackle NYCHA Heating Crisis

In lieu of the ongoing NYCHA heating crisis, Adams urged to better utilize city resources, expedite the bureaucratic processes, as well as increase real-time communication with residents on the progress of repairs.
City Expands Free '3-K for All' to Bed-Stuy, Opens Application Process

City Expands Free '3-K for All' to Bed-Stuy, Opens Application Process

After launching the free 3-K for All program in Brownsville last year, the initiative expands to Bedford Stuyvesant for the school year 2018-19 and to East New York the following year.

NYPD to Equip All Patrol Cops with Body Cameras by End of 2018

By the end of 2018, a total of 18,000 body cameras are expected to be deployed - equipping almost the city's entire patrol force with body cameras Photo credit: www.officer.