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A Cultural Reunion on a Snowy BK Day

A Cultural BK Snow Day Yes, granted. Some folks are not so fond of the snow, particularly those in the New England area and those who have to spend hours rescuing a semi-buried car or wrestling with tortoise-paced traffic.

Town Hall Discussion Digs at the Roots of Gentrification

"Brooklyn for Sale: The Price of Gentrification" Town Hall Meeting at BRIC.

BRIC to Hold Town Hall Meeting on Gentrification

Photo courtesy BRIC Join Brooklyn Independent Media on Wednesday, January 28, from 7:00pm - 9:00pm, for a live broadcast of their town hall entitled, Brooklyn for Sale: The Price of Gentrification.

Is Starting Over Really That Difficult?

By Dr. Robert Gore A few days ago, I started panicking: It kind of came from out of nowhere. Pacing around the living room. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. I was fine last week, so what was the big deal now? I couldn't focus.

6 Robo-Rebels Win First Place at the First Lego League Competition

By Clarissa James On January 25, 2015, The 6 Robo-Rebels of DIVAS for Social Justice competed in the Brooklyn Qualifier for the First Lego League (FLL) competition and took first place in the presentation challenge of the competition.

Ask Brainiac M.D. -- Do I Have Alcoholism?

Well, I had thought I would write Brainiac M.D. about once every two weeks, and that it would be a mix of providing education, answering questions, inviting discussion etc.
Brooklyn in Transition: BRIC to Host Series on Gentrification in Brooklyn

Brooklyn in Transition: BRIC to Host Series on Gentrification in Brooklyn

Gentrification in Brooklyn has without question become the conversation du jour for many of the borough's longtime residents and recent arrivals.


If you have a brain, this blog is for you. This blog is for you because — if you have a brain — that means you think about things. You feel things. You do things.

Staying Committed: 5 Years after the Earthquake in Haiti

By Dr. Robert Gore This is a unique time for rebuilding. It's the beginning of the year. We've put together long, sometimes extensive and excessive lists about how things will be different and better.
"Selma:" Reflections After Seeing This Powerful Film

"Selma:" Reflections After Seeing This Powerful Film

Selma , an epic and compelling contemporary take on Civil Rights history, arrives in movie theaters at the perfect time to chastise a nation which once again, or perhaps, as usual, is in the grip of racist tension.