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Flowergarden: A Special Stop on DeKalb for Gifts and Renewal

Harold King in his shop Flowergarden next to some of his beautiful houseplants. The most personal, unusual, quite the prettiest, best smelling shop on DeKalb Avenue is also one of the easiest to miss; but don't pass it by.
A Toast to Karen Aletha Maybank MD, MPH

A Toast to Karen Aletha Maybank MD, MPH

By Guest Blogger Verna Ademu-John, Program Manager, Partnership for Healthier Brooklyn at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Since 2009, Dr.
Two Paradoxical Quotes That Resonate!

Two Paradoxical Quotes That Resonate!

Hello! So, very quickly, I will let you know why I have been AWOL. I had two art exhibits (yay) while I was going through a stressful situation with a landlord (oy!) I moved and my workload doubled at my job. So, okay, there you have it.
How to Tell if You or Someone You Know Suffers from 'The Winter Blues'

How to Tell if You or Someone You Know Suffers from 'The Winter Blues'

By Guest Blogger Dr. Robert Gore I was talking to a friend of mine and she was complaining about how she finally realized that summer was over.

Torture and Police Brutality Come Together in One December Week

Brooklyn residents from Fort Greene Peace and Brooklyn for Peace on the feeder march through Brooklyn.

Noam Chomsky Speaks in Brooklyn of Racist Fears and Spiritual Revival

By Karen Malpede "Do you have a deep faith in reason?" Jim Peck, the interviewer and former freedom rider, asked in 1987. [1] "I don't have faith in reason or in anything else.


Like it does at the end of each and every week, the weekend has arrived and feeling rather feisty! Perhaps you're going out of town this weekend or maybe you're already down in South Beach for Art Basel Miami...

A Tribe Called Curl

Introducing you to... Tribe Called Curl!!! Hello Brooklyn Naturals, it's Saniyyah here with another installment for Brooklyn Reader! Today I'm introducing you all to a wonderful organization that I believe all naturals can benefit from.

Evicticide Thoughts on Thanksgiving Day: Let Us Be Grateful for All that Cannot Be Sold

Normally, I would be cooking my Nana's recipes, made vegetarian, for many. All who had no where else to go would have been here with us. This year: evicticide.

Happy Thanksgiving To You

Happy Thanksgiving To all my friends, Business Associates and neighbors. In this time of year I have a lot to be Thankful for. I am thankful for all that I have accomplished this year. I am thankful all the woman that joined me in my workshops.