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Gentrification in Brooklyn

Bushwick Residents Devise Plan to Address Neighborhood's Rapid Gentrification

The comprehensive Bushwick Community Plan includes recommendations on affordable housing, zoning regulations, health care and more
Brooklyn Residents Rally Against Gentrification, Chant, 'Brooklyn's Not for Sale!'

Brooklyn Residents Rally Against Gentrification, Chant, 'Brooklyn's Not for Sale!'

On Saturday, Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN) held its second borough-wide march against gentrification, racism and overdevelopment in the borough
A Fight to Keep Brooklyn Botanic Garden Out of the Shadows

A Fight to Keep Brooklyn Botanic Garden Out of the Shadows

Local organization claims the only green space city officials care about is the one that exists in their pockets

Taking Matters into Their Own Hands, Residents Form Housing Co-Op

After fighting for over a decade, the tenants of 265 Hawthorne Street successfully formed a housing co-op that grants them ownership of their apartments.

Study: Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights Listed Among the Nation's Most Gentrified Areas

Bedford-Stuyvesant's/Crown Heights's 11216 ZIP code has seen the biggest spike, as the median home value rose a dramatic 194 percent - more than in any other Brooklyn neighborhood.

Crown Heights Hardware Store Fights for Survival Against Gentrification

Gentrification, that continues to plague Brooklyn, takes a toll on small business owner Mohammed Kamara.

City and Community Settle 'Broadway Triangle' Discrimination Case

The 'Broadway Triangle' settlement could set precedence and affect future rezoning and development plans Photo credit: City Room Blog, NY Times An eight-year legal battle over racial discrimination in the proposed "Broadway Triangle" development is e

Report: Making Rent Count - Toward Your Credit Score

The report, based on a sample of tenants paying less than $2,000 a month, estimates that 76 percent of them would see their credit scores improve if their rental payments were included For many New Yorkers, rent constitutes by far their largest singl

Central Brooklyn Residents Vent Their Frustrations at Town Hall on Gentrification

The discussion heated up, as residents aired their frustrations around the effects of gentrification, or what many in attendance began to refer to as "ethnic cleansing.

A Business Partnership Fit for a Goddess Blossoms in Bed Stuy

When one door shuts, another opens, as the saying goes; but two Bedford-Stuyvesant businesses have gone one up by sharing an entrance and letting the old and new come together People are sitting under a leafy peach tree, some have wine, some coffee.