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Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Hosts Solidarity Event for Anti-Asian Violence

The solidarity event at Park Asia Restaurant in Sunset Park unveiled a decal sticker for community display.
Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce event 1
#STOPASIANHATE sticker decal. Photo: York Chan for BK Reader

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce hosted a #STOPASIANHATE event with local politicians and business owners last week in Park Asia Restaurant in Sunset Park.

The event was organized as an opportunity to speak out and unite against Anti-Asian racism and unveil a new sticker decal their organization had created for local businesses and residents to display in their windows. 

Randy Peers, president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, said the new decal, which has gone through several iterations, represented Brooklyn, love and unity.

"I would say, just like I say to my children, that just because today it is not you, doesn't mean you're not responsible for coming to the aid of someone else," said Councilman Robert Cornegy, Jr. "Because tomorrow it could be you."

NYS Senator Andrew Gounardes with his 4-month-old son. Photo: York Chan for BK Reader

New York State Senator Andre Gounardes attended the event with his 4-month-son:

"I want him to grow up in a world where he knows that every single person belongs here regardless of when they came here, what god they pray to, what the color of their skin is, who they love, what they believe, or where they come from," said Gounardes.

Local representatives and community business members holding the #STOPASIANHATE sticker decal. Photo: York Chan for BK Reader

Peers said the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has been working with the Chinese business community for several decades and will continue to do so in the future.

"Our work will never be done until we eradicate all types of hate, bigotry and violence," said Peers.