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Summer Youth Employment Application Deadline is Friday, May 2!

Photo: / There's only one day left to take advantage of the extended deadline to apply for summer youth employment, which Friday, May 2, 2014.
Myrtle Bagel Opens With a Dose of 'Bagel Delight' and More

Myrtle Bagel Opens With a Dose of 'Bagel Delight' and More

Fort Greene/Clinton Hill residents, if you like La Bagel Delight, located at 73 Lafayette Avenue, then you'll be happy to welcome its new sister-in-law into the neighborhood: Myrtle Bagel, located at 410 Myrtle Avenue.

Food, Beer and Wine Showdown Lets Brooklyn be the Judge

What's this? Is Brooklyn's artisanal food scene beginning to rival that of Europe's? And what of all these local breweries popping up? Will the phrase "Brooklyn-brewed" soon become a hops badge of honor? Like the ugly duckling-turned-swan, Brooklyn i

Fort Greene's Own Carol's Daughter Files Chapter 11

Lisa Price, founder of Carol's Daughter Carol's Daughter body and skin care products has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, reported The Wall Street Journal .
Exclusive: Maurice Malone Does Raw Denim 'The Brooklyn Way'

Exclusive: Maurice Malone Does Raw Denim 'The Brooklyn Way'

If a man went into a coma while living in Detroit during the mid-80s, woke up in New York City in the late-90s, promptly got hit in the head with a bottle of champagne at a Puffy party, fell back in a Moet-induced coma and then woke up again in Willi

NYC Jobless Rate Drops Slightly Compared to Last Year

Photo: The Labor Department found that New York City saw unemployment drop to 8.3 percent from 8.6 percent, compared to last year , while the 52 counties outside the metro area saw a drop from 8.

Is Airbnb Inflating Housing Costs in NYC?

Airbnb has asked state lawmakers to allow the San Franciso-based home-sharing website to be classified as a legal hotel.

Mark-Viverito Says 'No' to Paid Vacation Bill

Melissa Mark-Viverito New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito opposes a bill that would require businesses with 10 or more employees to provide paid vacation time, Crain's Insider reports: .

Mayor de Blasio Signs New Law Protecting Unpaid Interns

Mayor Bill de Blasio Delivers Remarks and Signs Bill to Protect Interns From Discrimination in the Workplace on Tuesday, April 15 Photo: Ed Reed for the Office of Mayor Bill de Blasio Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday signed his third bill into law, on

Tracy Chambers Goes to Paris

Helen Williams Nurse, owner of Tracy Chambers Vintage in Bed-Stuy Helen Williams Nurse is on a mission to give every lady in Brooklyn the shopping experience of their life! Helen is the owner of Tracy Chambers Vintage , located at 216 Jefferson Avenu