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Schools See $12 Million Boost for Newly-Arrived Asylum-Seeking Students in Temporary Housing

Select schools will receive an allocation of $2,000 for each new student in temporary housing enrolled since July.
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Brooklyn’s PS 65. Photo: Smallbones/ Wikimedia.

New York City schools are receiving $12 million in funding to boost support services for the recent influx of asylum-seeking families and their children.

The City's announcement comes after Mayor Eric Adams proclaimed an emergency procurement declaration in late August to swiftly acquire additional shelter and services for individuals and families seeking asylum.

“New York has always been a welcoming place for those seeking a better life in this country. As we see an increase of families seeking asylum in our city, we are working to ensure every student has the resources they need to thrive,” Adams said.

Funding will be available to select schools that are experiencing an influx of Students in Temporary Housing. The state's Project Open Arms selects which schools will receive funds.

Project Open Arms is a comprehensive plan to ensure asylum-seeking families have access to critical academic, social-emotional, and language-based support.

Schools with six or more new STH will receive $2,000 for each new student in temporary housing enrolled since July.

The investment will total nearly $12 million across the select schools.

“This additional funding will offer the financial support needed to assist our newest students. Providing them with language access and additional academic support. We are proud to welcome these students with ‘open arms,’ and are thankful to our inter-agency partners from across the administration for providing students with the wraparound support they deserve,” Adams said.

The funding will provide schools with curricular and instructional support for multilingual learners and necessary purchases.

The allocations will enable schools to support the following priorities:

  • Language access and support: Ensuring all families receive support in their native languages
  • Academic and extracurricular programming: Educators will receive additional guidance in the areas of second language acquisition
  • Supportive classrooms and schools: Every student will have access to universal social-emotional support
  • Coordination with community providers: Project Open Arms will coordinate with partners to provide families with critical resources and services

“Schools are the centers of our communities, and through these funds, we will ensure that our schools are fully equipped to provide the academic, emotional, and social needs of our newest New Yorkers,” Schools Chancellor David Banks said while announcing the funding on Oct. 31.

“This allocation, alongside the work being done through Project Open Arms, will make sure our new students are able to continue their education without delay and families can know their children are being supported and cared for in the classroom,” Banks said.

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