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Brooklyn School District 13 Creates Own Plan for Reopening

Middle and elementary school leaders, parents and teachers pool data and set a list of reopening recommendations
Brooklyn’s School District 13

Leaders of Brooklyn School District 13 have developed their own plan to support parents and educators wary of the city's guidance for school reopenings, reported The NY Daily News.

District 13, which includes Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and parts of Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy, proposes schools gradually open, but only after there is enough time to plan appropriately. One of the concerns is the availability of data to show how well equipped each building is to meet safety standard detailed by the Department of Education's plan.

Though Education Department officials say they have ordered, in bulk, all required personal protective equipment, only eight out of the 24 schools within the district have received the gear and cleaning supplies.

Education Department spokesman Nathaniel Styer said, "Every school will have the instructional guidance and safety they need to reopen."

"We believe our parents need transparency of data," said Fort Greene Prep Academy Principal Paula Lettiere. District 13 administrators want deadlines from the DOE.

So far, officials have addressed one of the principle concerns - hiring a nurse at every school.

Additionally, ventilation remains a problem in buildings that have defective equipment. Lettiere says it would be smart to ensure that every school replace all internal air at least three times an hour. "It wouldn't be super costly."

"Having a solid and supportive instructional plan for our kids this fall should not be a footnote," said Lettiere.