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I Love What I Do

I love my work. It warms my heart and gives me a sense of joy and freedom that fills me up each day.
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I love my work. It warms my heart and gives me a sense of joy and freedom that fills me up each day. I am The Potentiator: my focus is on helping men and women to expand their confidence and self-esteem, and to create the life of their dreams by going beyond their potential.

There are so many great coaches in New York City, and it's important to find the right one for you. I believe in the beauty of utilizing coaching techniques to inspire healing. Being the right coach and having the right clients, both is important to me.

One of the clients I've worked with is Alexis. When I met her, she had a great relationship with her family. But she had a job she hated, a terrible relationship with her boss and she was dating someone who didn't value her time or attention. Alexis learned about me from a friend of hers who I met at a wedding. She had witnessed her friend's transformation after talking with me; she was intrigued and and made the decision to call me two years later.

Alexis chose to hire me and we've been working together for more than five years. She has an MBA, she is smart, a quick learner and extremely professional. She decided to invest in the quality of her life.

Where Alexis was: she had a career in finance that she was over it. She had tried to leave it many times, but like a homing pigeon, she always found her way back to finance. She wanted a new career, but she had no idea what her next move would be. One of her biggest roadblocks: she accumulated a huge amount of debt, and she had a lot of shame and worry; she felt stuck, not knowing what to do. Stress was causing her a lot of suffering. Like many who have been in careers a long time, Alexis was afraid to leave the safe zone, however uncomfortable she may have felt. Bankruptcy or staying put in finance seemed like her only choices.

What she wanted: happiness, balance, growth, a great salary, the opportunity to use all of her skills to provide excellent customer service to her clients, feeling appreciated and getting on a steady promotional track. Alexis wished to work at a company where she could feel proud to invest her time and have the opportunity to travel. She wanted a relationship with a man who appreciated her for all that she was.

Fast forward five years later - what coaching - and accountability - did for Alexis: she handled all of her debt. Together, we built an awesome career at a company she is proud to work for with a salary better than she dreamed of. She has established a more powerful relationship with her family. She has built the relationship of her dreams with her now beloved boyfriend. Her health is great and her social life is filled with positive relationships, friends, joy and happiness - more than she's ever experienced in her life. Coaching allowed Alexis to create all that she desired and more. She found that great communication and accountability were the key in creating and bringing each of her goals into existence.

How did this happen: Alexis was coachable - she honored her word and developed her integrity. She invested in herself with money, time and her word. She became courageous and accountable. It wasn't easy but she committed to live the life she wanted, and the results were extraordinary.

If this story resonates with you, if you find yourself stuck, lacking confidence or self-esteem, I request that you give up suffering, stop hiding and feeling trapped. Call me, let's have a 15 minute conversation and let's create a vision that will get you off the sticky trap. Let's see what we can achieve together.

Contact me at: or 917.945.5907