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Considering abortion? Think again

By Audrey Throne You are probably here because of an unwanted pregnancy. Perhaps the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy are not very pleasant. Maybe you haven't told your partner or family because you feel they may not support you.

By Audrey Throne

You are probably here because of an unwanted pregnancy. Perhaps the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy are not very pleasant. Maybe you haven't told your partner or family because you feel they may not support you.

Life is not always fair. There are times when you have to make very tough decisions. Facing financial or social pressure can make you believe that an abortion is the only way out. However, this is not true. This article will help you understand the real implications of getting an abortion, so you don't regret the decision later on. But first, it is important to calm down.

Take a deep breath: An unwanted pregnancy can scare you into making reckless decisions. Just because the pregnancy came as a surprise doesn't mean that your life is over. There is no need to rush; you have plenty of time to think this through. About 10 to 25 percent of total pregnancies result in a miscarriage and most of them occur in the first 13 weeks. So an abortion may not even be required.

Confirm the pregnancy: If you have missed a period, you can use a pregnancy testing kit or visit your local health care provider to confirm that you are pregnant. The sooner you find out, the earlier you can start pre-natal care.

It is imperative to understand that being pregnant means that you are carrying a little child in your womb, and not just a "blob of tissue" as most abortionists want you to believe.

So what's an abortion?

Abortion is a medical procedure that deliberately ends the pregnancy before it can result in the birth of a child. A medical abortion is performed in the earlier stages of pregnancy (usually up to 10 weeks) that makes use of medication.

In a surgical abortion, doctors remove the "fetus" by using a vacuum aspirator. This type of abortion is performed up to 12 weeks into the pregnancy, after which a more complexed surgical procedure is undertaken.

Like any other medical procedure, there can be some serious side effects and complications. Abortion is governed by strict laws that vary in different states.

The dilemma: Facing an unplanned pregnancy, women can feel overwhelmed, confused and afraid. There are multiple factors that influence women into getting an abortion. Pro-choice movements are actively campaigning to promote abortions.

They advocate abortion as a legal right of women, disregarding the fact that no one has the right to end the baby's life. They argue that abortion is a personal matter of reproductive choice and that the government should not interfere.

Whereas, protecting the fundamental rights of all people including unborn children is the primary responsibility of a government. If women have the right to press charges against medical facilities when unborn children die due to negligence, why shouldn't they be held responsible for taking a life themselves?

The abortion industry: It's important to remember that the abortion industry wants to sell their product and will go to great lengths to convince you that it is absolutely ok to have an abortion.

It's quite easy to take advantage of susceptible women who are going through a challenging experience. You will be shocked to learn that some abortion clinics make profits from selling body parts of aborted children.

A child not just 'tissue': Abortionists often use terms like "fetus" and "tissue" to justify their cause, whereas, "murder" is a more suitable term to describe the cruelty that takes place in abortion clinics. These statements only serve to encourage and misguide women into getting abortions.

Denying the fact that there is a child growing inside you since the moment of conception is the same as denying the pregnancy itself. Abortion takes away the most basic right of unborn children i.e. the right to life.

Even if the pregnancy is the result of a mistake or a heinous crime such as rape, the child is not the one to blame and doesn't deserve to be punished. Scientific evidence clearly shows that unborn children are living and unique.

The dangers of having an abortion:

You may not even consider having an abortion once you learn all the possible side effects and risks associated with this procedure.

Short term: In medical abortions, the immediate risks include excessive uterine bleeding, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, vomiting, diarrhea, and incomplete abortion. In surgical abortion, the immediate risks include pelvic infections, abdominal swelling, excessive bleeding, cervical tears, and uterine perforation. In some rare cases, both medical and surgical abortions can lead to death.

Long term:  Abortion can have lasting effects on women. There are several long term side effects which become apparent after a while. According to some studies, women who undergo abortion have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Pregnancy causes a significant increase in estrogen levels which leads to rapid growth in breast tissue cells. Having an induced abortion makes these cells more vulnerable to cancer.

Mental impact: Having an abortion causes psychological harm to women over long periods. Research shows that up to 65 percent of post abortion women report some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, while 19 percent report a more severe case.

Some women may have trouble connecting with children in the future. Abortions can also cause relationship problems between women and their families.

A better option: If the circumstances don't allow you to become a parent, then abortion is not the only option. Placing your child into a loving family is a great way to honor life and recognize your responsibility.

There are thousands of couples around the United States who wish to have children but are unable to conceive due to various reasons. For them, adoption is the only hope to build a family. You can help such couples with the gift of a child.

Most importantly, you won't make the mistake of ending the life of an innocent child. Adoption can seem like a complex process but having a reliable adoption agency by your side will make this journey a lot easier.

Summary: Unwanted pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience but it's critical to think with a calm and rational mind. Educating yourself on other options will allow you to make well-informed decisions. It is important to remember that any emotion of resentment, anger and sorrow should not be directed towards your unborn child.

You have to accept your responsibilities and avoid quick fixes. This is ultimately your personal decision and no one can force you otherwise. However, we implore you to think reasonably as your next step can have  consequences.

ABOUT Audrey Throne

Audrey Throne is a mother and a professional blogger by choice. She has completed her masters in English literature from university of Birmingham. As a blogger she wrote quite a few posts on health, technology as well as management. Currently, she is associate with brain test Team. Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.