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BLOGGER'S CORNER: Week 16 Of Year Long Project ~ Hand Lettered Mark Twain Quote

Painted Hand Lettering by Harriet Faith. Quote by Mark Twain.
Painting By Harriet Faith Week 16 The Secret….. Mark Twain
Painted Hand Lettering by Harriet Faith. Quote by Mark Twain.
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Painted Hand Lettering by Harriet Faith. Quote by Mark Twain.

Hello! Wishing you Happy Easter, Happy Passover and General Springtime Merriment!

Welcome to Week 16 of my year long hand lettering project!

When I finished this piece, I thought to myself, "Drat! I should have done a piece that has more of a "Springtime" theme to it!"

And then, I realized, "What is MORE Springtime-y than starting things?!"

Doesn't the Astrological cycle start with Aries in March? Doesn't NEW life start in the Spring? So....this quote by Mark Twain is perfect!

Mark Twain is a quintessentially American writer who lived from November 30, 1835 to April 21, 1910 (which, merely by coincidence, is tomorrow)

Salt of the earth, that guy. He wrote "The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn," which has often been called the Great American Novel. He was a satirist and a humorist. And clearly knew how to get things I would listen to him on this matter.

I just want to add one more the past, whenever I would hear the term "getting ahead," I interpreted it to mean getting ahead of other people, based on an old belief system that prescribed that one could only get by taking from someone else, so that they had less.

This often left me with mixed feelings about moving forward. Being an extremely empathic, caring person, that kind of "system" made me a bit hesitant to "get ahead." Sometimes it was part of the cause for my stalling in taking action. Perhaps you can relate?

I am so happy to say that there is a new way to look at that phrase! It's a new paradigm and I am a firm subscriber to it! One where "getting ahead" means simply moving forward....that is, toward your own dreams and goals, which has NOTHING to do with anyone else! Except, y'know when you invite them to the after party!

It's Spring! Everything is new and fresh! Join Mother Nature and Mark Twain! Take that thing, that dream, you want to get moving on and GET STARTED!

Have a marvelous week!