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As E-Bike Batteries Spark Fires Across NYC, Landlords, Homeowners Move to Restrict Them

The fires are largely sparked by poorly made, uncertified lithium-ion batteries, oftentimes ones that have been tampered with or are being used with a mismatched charger.

A few months ago, Mona Biblow’s co-op board banned all electric bikes from her 72-unit building in Kensington. Looking out from her living room on the seventh floor, she said she understands why.

Across the street, a number of windows in a rental building remain boarded up after a fire tore through apartments. At first she heard it was caused by an e-bike battery, but has subsequently heard it could have been faulty wiring. Regardless, she said, she doesn’t want to be in the same situation as those whose homes went up in smoke.

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