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Where to Watch the Fireworks in Brooklyn

Now with its manicured rooftops, miles of beaches and expansive piers, Brooklyn offers a few options for where-to-watch the fireworks! Got fireworks? Brooklyn does! Brooklyn offers a growing selection of local destinations to view a beautiful firewor

Now with its manicured rooftops, miles of beaches and expansive piers, Brooklyn offers a few options for where-to-watch the fireworks!

Got fireworks? Brooklyn does! Brooklyn offers a growing selection of local destinations to view a beautiful fireworks display, eliminating the need to ever leave the borough.

But before we get into locations, BK Reader's first recommendation is to hook up with a friend who has rooftop access. This definitely is the most cost-effective alternative for fabulous views. Just make sure it's a residence with a finished roof and protective guard rails, as we know that boozing 100 feet aboveground in the dark while watching fireworks can lead to vertigo and that can lead to... well, you know the rest.

For those of you who prefer to remain grounded, check out the list of Brooklyn-based venues we've curated to watch the fireworks, all of which start around the same time: 30 minutes past sundown (around 9:00pm):

1. The Brooklyn Promenade, Montague St & Pierrepont Pl (Brooklyn Heights); and Brooklyn Bridge Park, 334 Furman St (DUMBO)

For those who prefer to stay local yet still yearn for the Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks display, there are many options right off the East River, march on down to the Brooklyn Promenade in Brooklyn Heights or the grassy vastness of Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO, both of which offer views of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. Warning: Expect the walkway to be packed with revelers, as it is a premium location, and it is free! But what you can also look forward to is an energy is so electric, fun, diverse and patriotic, you  won't mind rubbing a few elbows for one of the most breathtaking fireworks experiences, hands down.

2. Fireworks at the Brooklyn Barge, 3 Milton Street (Greenpoint)

Another option right off the East River that will point you toward the Macy's Fourth of July fireworks is at restaurant right off the pier called Brooklyn Barge in Greenpoint. At your own reserved table, you can sip on a beer and enjoy some lobster boil at this 10,000-square-foot boat bar.  For $250, you receive three-hour premium open bar and bites and for $50, two free drinks and standing room.  To make a reservation, call 929-337-7212.

3. Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk, 1000 Surf Ave (Coney Island)

This 4th of July party starts quietly in the morning, begins to pick up speed in the afternoon and culminates at sundown with an amazing fireworks display that rivals Macy's. So grab the family and a few blankets in the morning, park yourself on the beach; enjoy some live music, walk the boardwalk or hop on the legendary Cyclone at Luna Park-- heck, blow a few bills trying to win a tiff stuffed animal for you sweetheart. Whatever you choose, this location is as quintessential old-school American as apple pie, and they shoot off their own fireworks! Be advised: The beach is free, but everything else surrounding it (the amusement park, drinks and food) is quite pricey and can add up quickly!

4. Fireworks at Brooklyn Grange, enter complex at Clinton and Flushing avenues, Building 3 (Fort Greene/Clinton Hill)

Here's one more rooftop venue off the East River that offers reservations in a secure location with a fantastic view of the Macy's display! For the past 5 years or so, Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, has been a premium location to watch the fireworks and dine to BBQ! Even better, following the fireworks, the entire restaurant turns into one big dance party where you can burn off all the calories from the BBQ you just scarfed. To buy tickets, go here. $130 - $155


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