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Three Brooklyn Bars Have Liquor Licenses Suspended for Breaking Pandemic Rules

Bar Tabac on Smith Street was one of seven bars to have its liquor license suspended on Thursday
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Bar Tabac. Photo: Google Maps.

A third Brooklyn bar has had its liquor license suspended this week after breaking outdoor dining rules, Patch reports.

The three bars facing the suspension are all on popular dining thoroughfare Smith Street. Bar Tabac, on the corner of Smith and Dean Streets, joins Regular Visitors and Union Grounds in the suspension.

Recently, Governor Andrew Cuomo formed a task force of investigators to monitor bars after videos of large mask-less gatherings spread on social media.

"Noncompliance will lead us right back right where we were just a few months ago — so we must continue to crack down on the bad actors who violate the law and risk everyone's health and safety," Cuomo said.

Bar Tabac's suspension comes after investigators visited the bar last Friday and found seven employees, including the manager, bartender, host and four kitchen staff, were not wearing face coverings.

The governor's office said the bar "was well aware of the requirements," and it has also faced complaints and warnings during its reopening in June. According to 311 data, Bar Tabac had faced at least eight "Non-compliance with Phased Reopening" complaints, and had received other calls for noise and problems with outdoor dining set up.

In recent weeks, the state has pulled dozens of liquor licenses from bars, many in Astoria, Queens, and since Monday the task force had undertaken 1,966 checks on establishments. Investigators found 96 violations during the week and Cuomo said there would be formal charges stemmning from the latest inspections.

Fines for violating the regulations established to stop the spread of the coronavirus can reach as high as $10,000 for businesses, or the immediate suspension of liquor license.


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