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Thinkers, Dreamers, Lovers - Gather for the Annual Night of Philosophy and Ideas

The all-nighter is a fest of philosophical debate, performances, screenings, readings and music featuring philosophers and performers from around the world
Night of Philosophy,BK Reader
Photo Credit: French Embassy New York

The annual gathering of night owls, early birds, insomniacs, philosophy lovers, love lovers is upon us as the French Embassy and the Brooklyn Public Library present A Night of Philosophy and Ideas on Saturday, January 27. From sunset to sunrise, the all-night marathon is a fest of philosophical debate, performances, screenings, readings and music featuring philosophers and performers from around the world.

"We are thrilled to welcome the Brooklyn community and our neighbors from across New York and around the world back to the Brooklyn Public Library for A Night of Philosophy and Ideas," said László Jakab Orsós, BPL's Vice President of Arts and Culture. "With our partners at the French Embassy, we have assembled an event that will expose speakers and audience members alike to challenging and exciting new ideas from a multiplicity of viewpoints, which is, of course, precisely what the library is designed to do."

Inspired by the Night of Ideas, which takes place every year in over 30 cities around the world, this year's event will be dedicated to "imagination in power", a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the May '68 revolution. This intellectual marathon will host a series of conferences, featuring French and international philosophers including Abdennour Bidar, Geneviève Fraisse and Cynthia Fleury.

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Photo credit: Brooklyn Public Library

Throughout the night, the contemporary philosopher may explore subjects such as How to Think Feminism?, Nietzsche and Buddhism, Territory-less Identities in a Global World: Origins and Consequences or What is Politically Normative of Black Lives Matter?

Highlights of the night include the Dilemma Series, small group debates on various themes; a reading of Dreams Collected by Lancelot Hamelin, which he garnered from Brooklyn and several cities around the world; a performance of the Sherril Roland's Jumpsuit Project, a socially engaged art project his personal experience in the prison system; a reenactment of the Greek classic Symposium of Love, performed by eight philosophers, one artist and traditional Greek musicians as well as various live music performances including Jazz harpist Brandee Younger.

With segments ranging from music to screenings, acrobats, virtual reality to group yoga, A Night of Philosophy boasts a full program of events that is bound to keep attendees thinking and wondering all night. And if you wondering, wandering souls should make it to sunrise...breakfast will be served at 5:00 am!

For a full schedule of events, go here

A Night of Philosophy and Ideas

When: Saturday, January 27 to Sunday, January 28, 7:00 pm - 7:00 am.

Where: Brooklyn Public Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn