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Poem for George Floyd

Tuesday, May 25, 2021, is the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd.

By: Angeli R. Rasbury




Train's coming bound for freedom

Everybody's welcome 

No tickets needed 

Just get get get get on board 

Train's coming bound for justice 

Everybody's welcome 

No tickets needed

Just get get get get on board 

The doors opened

George saw the woman he cried out for before his final breath 

"Mama. Mama, I'm through," he had cried

dying under 90 pounds of pressure in prone position

handcuffed behind back strong like his ancestors from work work working 

He ran into her soft pillowy waiting arms, flab hanging like he remembered

She held him like she did 

After spankings for disobeying

when he hurt  from break ups

"Why mama 

Why we still need train for freedom, for justice?

Mama rubbed the beautiful neck Derek Chauvin knelt on 

9 minutes 29 seconds 

hands in pockets, 

piercing eyes saying to the small group of non-violent onlookers 

Go ahead

Make my day give me a reason to kill you 

"Baby, trains been traveling for 400 years searching for angels

the compassionate among us who need to come on home to be with 

the 1 in 1 million mothers 

forgiving fathers 

wondrous wives 

headstrong harmonious husbands again 

"Why me, Mama. I didn't get to say bye to my baby."

"You hush now.

Why not you 

You see her

She knows you're here with me 

She knows you are with her

in her heart heavy now from missing you

Don't you worry 

With time with love


long walks with her mama and uncles, your brothers 

her heart will be happy again 

You hear me?" 

"Yes ma'am" 

Mama grabbed George's hands

"Come, my son.  Come

 Right now we got to go meet people who know how to get freedom and justice in courtrooms

The angels among us been on trains bound for freedom, for justice a long long time 

Come now let me introduce you to the master conductor Harriet Tubman 

and some of the greatest conductors since she made her freedom trips

Dr. King 

Brothers Malcolm Medgar, Bayard, Thurgood and Charles 

Sisters Rosa, Coretta, Betty and Ella 

Welcome home, son"

"I missed you, Mama"

"I missed you too" 

"I love you, Mama"

"I love you too"

"We gon be alright 

This train's bound for freedom

This train's bound for justice

Everybody's welcome 

No tickets needed 

Just get get get get get on board"

All aboard




Angeli R. Rasbury is an educator, artist, lawyer and award-winning writer. She has written articles about women, girls, culture and housing for women and children in need of safe, affordable options.  She edited and published two collections of poetry and writing by young Brooklyn writers, My Grandfather Had One Coat and I Am. 


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