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Meet The Momma Helping Women Reclaim Childbirth

Latham Thomas is on a mission to provide wellness, education and support for women on their childbearing continuum.
The Soft Space is an addition to Latham Thomas' brand, Mama Glow.

Nestled away in Williamsburg is the Soft Space, a wellness center and gathering space curated for all that life throws at women before, during and after childbirth.

The brick-and-mortar space that opened in December was created by Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas. She is looking to create a go-to spot for classes and doula training, as well as a place to host celebrations like baby showers, gender reveals, and bridal showers. 

While motherhood can be isolating for some, Thomas said she wanted to create an environment where people could commune, convene and be centered in their needs.    

“For new parents, like for me, it's always about bringing together community in a really beautiful and health-supportive, but also mentally healthy, supportive way,” she said.   

Creating a supportive environment for Black women, who disproportionately experience adverse birth outcomes, was important for Thomas.

Prenatal and postnatal complications like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and hemorrhaging are some of the leading causes of maternal mortality and morbidity, according to Dr. Peggy Roberts, Women's Health Nurse practioner and owner of Trust Women's Health Care in Bedford Stuyvesant. 

Roberts said it is important to communicate your medical history to doctors and have a support system and a birthing plan in place.

The Soft Space first launched in a ground-level space in 2018 but moved virtually during the coronavirus pandemic. Once Thomas found an empty meditation and dance studio space near other small businesses that was owned by people-of-color and women on North 8th Street, she knew she had found the perfect spot. 

When building the interior of the space, Latham explained that she wanted it to be warm and inviting, just like her classes.

The Soft Space has since been the hosting spot to celebrate every stage of life. Provided/The Soft Space

“We brought our own personality to it [the space] in terms of the design, the decor and how we constructed all of the built-ins, the displays and things that like really make up the shape of the space,” said Thomas.  

The gathering space is just another extension of her overall mission to create wellness, educational resources and support for women on their childbearing continuum through her brand Mama Glow, a maternal health and education platform.

Thomas offers on-site and virtual workshops, full-service doula services, wellness retreats, spiritual guidance, certificate training and small gatherings for mothers and their support system. Previous classes included spiritual and wellness lessons on baby massage techniques, postpartum recovery and fertility.   

For those looking to aid women during pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period, the company offers a professional “Mama Glow Doula” certification. 

The goal is to provide everything that would allow women to achieve optimal well-being before and after carrying a child, Thomas told BK Reader. 

“Certainly like being mindful and attentive and connecting to our needs and really being responsive on a regular basis and doing check-ins with yourself. These are all ways that we show up for our body, and that we can show up for our baby.”  

The Soft Space is located at 208 North 8th Street in Williamsburg. 


Brianna Robles

About the Author: Brianna Robles

Brianna Robles is a Brooklyn, NY based freelance writer and journalist specializing in sharing stories about mental health and spectacular women.
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