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Imani Means ‘Faith’: Yadi and Jamaal Martin

Imani is the profound belief in and commitment to all that is of value to us as a family, community, people and culture.
Mom Yadi and baby Aydin. Photo: Yadi and Jamaal Martin

On Sunday, January 1, Imani, which means faith and is the final principle of Kwanzaa  is observed. 

Imani calls on individuals to believe–without reservation–in family, community, culture, people of African descent and the ultimate victory of their collective struggle. This principle underscores the fact that belief in what can be achieved inspires people to build strong families, which are building blocks of communities. Without faith, nothing will be achieved.

Yadi and Jamaal Martin exude faith. 

For most parents, their baby's smile is a given. But for the Bed-Stuy residents, their baby's smile is extra special. Their son Aydin Idris Martin was a miracle baby.  After four miscarriages, Yadi Martin became pregnant in late 2020.  An anatomy scan revealed a rare condition, congenital high airway obstruction syndrome (CHAOS). 

A procedure called ex utero intrapartum treatment, or EXIT, was necessary.  It was a high-risk, complex delivery for Aydin and the 25 doctors performing the procedure, during which they discovered Aydin had no airway opening whatsoever.  They performed a tracheostomy and put Aydin on a machine that takes over the work of the heart and lungs temporarily.

He was transferred to the newborn intensive care unit where he spent 49 weeks before going to a rehab facility and coming home in July 2022.

The Martins shared the story of their faith and their miracle: Aydin and his precious smile with BK Reader.

Let's begin to think of ways we can harness our faith to build Imani in our community!

Beginning on Monday, Dec. 26, and for the seven days of Kwanzaa, BK Reader will feature a different local resident or organization that exemplifies one of the seven principles!