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Election Results: Williams, Louis Retain Their Seats

In a special election, both the public advocate and city council incumbents captured more than 75% of the votes
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In a special election on November 5, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and City Councilwoman Farah Louis regained their seats

On Tuesday November 5, New York held general elections for city civil court, surrogate and supreme court.

The city also held a special election for the District 45 city council seat on May 14, 2019. The special election became necessary after Jumaane Williams won the special election for New York City public advocate on February 26, 2019. The winner of the special election will hold the seat until December 31, 2019. A second election was held in November for the remainder of Williams' four-year term ending December 31, 2021.

Here are the results for Central and East Brooklyn residents:

New York City Public Advocate (special election)

General Election candidates

  • Jumaane Williams (D)?
  • Joe Borelli (R)
  • Devin Balkind  (Libertarian)

Jumaane Williams, the incumbent, won with 78% of the votes (563,138). Joe Borelli captured 20% (144,429); and Devin Balkin, 2% (14,524)

New York City Council District 45 (special election)

General election candidates

  • Farah Louis (D)?
  • Anthony Beckford (Liberal independent Party)
  • David Fite  (L)

Farah Louis, the incumbent, won with 93.1% of the votes (12,910). Anthony Beckford captured 4.7% (652); and David Fite, 2.2% (298)

City Civil Court: Countywide District - Kings County

General election candidates

  • D. Bernadette Neckles (D)?
  • Vincent F. Martusciello (R)?

New York Supreme Court 2nd Judicial District (five seats)

General election candidates

  • Donald S. Kurtz (D) (Incumbent) ?
  • Esther M. Morgenstern (D) (Incumbent) ?
  • Rosemarie Montalbano (D) ?
  • Steven Mostofsky (D) ?
  • Reinaldo E. Rivera (D) ?