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Anonymous Million-Dollar Donation to Local Org Will Help Fight Hunger in the Borough

A donor has given $1.2 million to SCO Family of Services, helping some of New York’s poorest families
A SCO family enjoys its contactless DoorDash delivery.

An anonymous donor has gifted $1.2 million to human resource agency, SCO Family of Services, to aid the organization in supplying food and necessities to some of the most underserved families in New York City, in the wake of COVID-19. 

Serving nearly 60,000 people across the five boroughs, SCO distributed its donated funds in increments of $500 — $1,000 to more than 1,500 client families with the help of the food delivery service DoorDash.

"We are extremely grateful for the overwhelming generosity of this anonymous donor," said Keith Little, SCO president and CEO, in a statement. "This gift has provided a truly meaningful and tangible way to ease the unprecedented challenges that New Yorkers, across every neighborhood and community, are experiencing."

The partnership with DoorDash and its gift card services allows money to quickly get into the hands of families disproportionately affected by a loss of income, as a result of the pandemic.

The goal is to address hunger during social distancing while supporting local businesses. The gift card can be used to pay for everything, from the cost of food and household products, to delivery fees and even tips to DoorDash workers. 

Still, some families are finding even the delivery credits come with limitations:

"DoorDash has helped me out a lot, but it's limited as far as restaurants go," said Kim Nguyen. Her child attends one of SCO's daycare homes in their Family Childcare Network. "A lot of restaurants are now closed. We have a fraction of the food access that we once had, but nonetheless, it has helped."

As so many segments of the population are struggling to get through the crisis, SCO will be sharing the gift cards with other groups within its organization, including their foster care centers, shelters, and early childhood programs.

"We want our families to know we are here for them," said Leslie Johnson, director of SCO Communications. "Health, safety, and well-being remain our top priority."

This gift could not have been donated at a better time, New Yorkers are in the midst of a wave of job losses, financial and food insecurity. The devastation of coronavirus and the recession that is predicted to follow has left many families on their last legs.

SCO continues to strive to find ways to provide support for their family and said it is thankful for all the the help they have already received.