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40th District Council Candidates to Talk Small Business, Economic Recovery in Town Hall

The hybrid virtual-in-person presentation will be moderated by 12-year-old entrepreneur Obocho Peters and streamed live on Facebook

On Wednesday, candidates in the race for Brooklyn's 40th District City Council seat will share their plans for small business recovery, gig worker support and how they would reshape the economy post-COVID-19.

Candidates Cecilia Cortez, Kenya Handy-Hilliard, Harriet Hines, Victor Jordan, Rita Joseph, Vivia Morgan, Blake Morris, Josue Pierre and Edwin Raymond will take part in a hybrid virtual-in-person Q&A session hosted by BKLYN Commons, held on the BKLYN Commons rooftop and streamed live on Facebook.

The event will be moderated by Obocho Peters, the 12-year-old entrepreneur behind free clothing store Obocho Closet, and Well Clothd co-founder Marien Richards.

Peters, who is BKLYN Commons member, said it was an honor to be moderating the event.

"As an entrepreneur and business owner of my very own business, it is vital for me at my age to understand and know the political leaders responsible for securing funding and making important decisions as it relates to our community," he said.

Questions in the Q&A session come from community partners, stakeholders and members of the business community, BKLYN Commons said in a press release.

The release said economic development was one of the key, but often neglected, issues for central Brooklyn communities, as members struggled to recover from the health, psychic and business impacts of COVID-19.

"We look forward to hearing the candidates articulate their platforms as it relates to job creation, small business development and entrepreneurship.  Our hope is that the 40th Council District electorate can use what they hear to make an informed choice at the ballot box," BKLYN Commons said in the release.

The event is being held in partnership with IMPACCT Brooklyn, Parkside Empire Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association, Gentlemen's Factory, Flatbush Avenue BID, Church Avenue BID, Haitian American Caucus and Flatbush Caton Market.

An informational video on ranked choice voting will also be streamed as part of the event. Rank Choice Voting will be used in the upcoming primary and special elections for the offices of mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president and City Council.

The event will start at at 6:30pm on Wednesday, May 26, and will be streamed on BKLYN Commons Facebook page.