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Best of Brooklyn: Top 6 Places to Order Ramen

Here are the top 5 places to get ramen in Brooklyn, so you can find your new favorite spot.

Brooklyn is a food lover's paradise, and ramen is no exception. From classic tonkotsu to innovative broths and toppings, there's a perfect bowl of ramen for everyone in this borough.

  1. Okonomi//Yuji Ramen. This Williamsburg spot offers a unique twist on traditional ramen. Its broths are made with locally sourced ingredients, and their noodles are springy and delicious. The menu features both classic and creative ramen options, like the miso black garlic ramen with a smoky twist or the vegetarian ramen with roasted vegetables and a yuzu-infused broth.
  2. Chuko. Chuko is a Prospect Heights institution, known for its long lines. But it's worth the wait. Their signature ramen is the Chuko Special, with a rich tonkotsu broth, perfectly cooked pork chashu, and a gooey six-minute egg. They also have a fantastic selection of small plates, like the crispy pig ears and the spicy kimchi dumplings.
  3. Ichiran. This East Williamsburg import from Japan is a unique ramen experience. You order your ramen through a vending machine and customize it with a variety of toppings, from the level of spice to the amount of garlic. Then, you slurp your noodles in solitary bliss in a individual booth. It's a fun and delicious way to get your ramen fix.
  4. Setagaya Ramen: Located in Williamsburg and Sunset Park, its specialty is the tsukemen, a dipping ramen where you dunk your noodles into a separate bowl of hot broth. They also have a delicious tonkotsu ramen and a lighter shio ramen. Don't forget to order some extra noodles, because you'll definitely want to finish every last drop of that broth.
  5. Menya & Izakaya: This Park Slope spot is known for its flavorful broths and creative ramen. Try their spicy tantanmen or the unique black truffle ramen.
  6. Za-Ya Ramen: This Carroll Gardens and Bushwick gem offers classic and innovative ramen options. Their signature dish is the Za-Ya ramen, with a rich tonkotsu broth, pork belly, and a perfectly cooked egg.

These are just a few of the many great places to get ramen in Brooklyn. So get out there and start slurping!