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‘Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens' Explores Climate Change Through Art

Bay Ridge-based art gallery, Stand4, is planning a new multimedia exhibition that emphasizes the impact of climate change on the Brooklyn community.
Map of art installations and activities for "Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens," across Bay Ridge. Photo: Provided/Stand4.

Bay Ridge-based art gallery Stand4 is planning a new multimedia exhibition that emphasizes the impact of climate change on the community, reports The Brooklyn Paper. Curated by Jennifer McGregor in collaboration with ecoartspace, the community project “Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens," includes interactive public art installations throughout Bay Ridge. 

Founder of Stand4, Jeannine Bardo, has dedicated her art career to making fine art more accessible and perhaps a bit less intimidating for the community in Bay Ridge. With her deep expertise in the areas of art, ecology, gardens, public engagement and place-making, “Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens” is her latest foray into highlighting the importance of community engagement with art that emphasizes the dire circumstances of the global climate.

“I’m always excited when artists get to talk to the community or talk to people because every time that happens it’s a bit magical,” stated Bardo. “When the artist talks about their work, it demystifies it, and if you’re not from an art background, sometimes it could be a little scary and usually the conversations that come about are really really important because everybody’s bringing their own experiences."

Several artists across multiple mediums have been selected for their knowledge and skills in social practice and ecology and will include works that highlight environmental issues that are relevant to Bay Ridge. And with public engagement being a particularly vital part of the exhibition, artists have created soundscapes, photo exhibits, even a “haiku hike” through a local park to engage spectators. 

“I believe everything is connected and I think that we are going through this climate crisis now and we need to somehow come together and come up with answers and appreciate the things around us,” continued Bardo. 

The opening reception for “Bay Ridge Through an Ecological Lens” will be hosted on April 15, at the Stand4 Gallery and Community Art Center at 414 78th St. between 4th and 5th avenues in Bay Ridge.  The exhibit will be on display at the gallery and at locations throughout Bay Ridge until June 17, 2023.


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