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13 Costume Ideas for Your Dog This Halloween

Whether you're planning to loop the block with your four-legged pal or get spooky from the comfort of your own home, we have you covered with the best pup costumes ideas to bring the Halloween spirit to life.

Looking for last-minute Halloween costume ideas for your pup? Look no further.

Taking inspiration from the most creative canines in Brooklyn at Fort Greene's Annual Great PUPkin Costume Contests, the BK Reader has put together 13 costume ideas to make sure your dog looks the part this howl-oween.

1. Throw it back to one of your favorite TV shows as a kid, like the winner of the 2018 PUPkin contest, who used a trash can and some green paint to bring to life Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch. We're thinking Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Scooby Doo or even Mister Rogers.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
Oscar the Grouch. Photo: A. Leonhardt for BK Reader.

2. Dress your Rottweiler as your favorite wrestler. And it doesn't necessarily have to be Mexican wrestling, like the Luchadorable Lucy here -- think WWF, MMA, boxing.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
The Luchadorable Lucy

3. Pick a Tim Burton movie, and run with it. Here we have the classic Beetlejuice, but your pup may prefer Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, or most appropriately, Frankenweenie.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
What is Halloween without Beetlejuice?

4. Get inspiration from the candy jar. Here we have an adorable Sour Patch Kid. But your dog might make a better M&M, a peanut butter cup, a carton of Nerds or a jellybean.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
A very sweet Sour Patch Kid.

5. Make your dog and your baby a dynamic duo for Halloween. Whether it's a Roman empress and her war horse, or a Jedi and his R2-D2.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
A roman empress and her warhorse.

6. Take an iconic image -- or a meme -- and recreate it. As you can see in this reimagining of the iconic 30 Rock photograph, it's all in the accessorizing.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
A reimagination of the iconic photo "Lunch atop a Skyscraper at 30 Rock."

7. Let your stomach lead you. Dress your dog as a whole snack. Like this little guy - who came dressed as a sushi roll in 2018. Other ideas -- hot cheetos, hot dogs, a bowl of ramen, a slice of pizza, a cronut, a lobster roll, an egg.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
These two were on a "Sushi" roll.

8. Level up and dress your dog as a snack AND make them a dynamic duo with your baby. So this time, you do a hot dog -- with a side of fries. Or a bowl of ramen -- with rice. An egg -- but add a slice of toast.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
What do you need for a good lobster meal? A lobster, butter and a baked potato.

9. Dress your dog after your favorite Brooklyn icon. Like the Notorious D.O.G in his Coogi sweater, there's so many Brooklyn legends to choose from. Lil Kim, Jay Z, Joan Rivers, Foxy Brown, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Barbra Streisand and so many more.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
The Notorious D.O.G was in the house!

10. Celebrate a  groundbreaking woman. Your pooch likes this one. Whether it's RBG, Michelle Obama, Amelia Earhart, Hillary Clinton, Rosa Parks or Cleopatra -- pick a woman who inspires you and let your dog embody her power.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
A very dignified Woof Bader Ginsburg held court.

11.  Look to current politics, if you can bear it. Perhaps your dog would like to dress up as the fly on VP Mike Pence's head? A polling station? A blue or red wave?

The Great PUPkin 2018,
The White House sent Melania and Donald Trump. While very well behaved, he was not "winning."

12. Your favorite heart wrenching animation. Like this little guy who went with his family as the cast of Up, you might look to Coco, The Secret Life of Dogs or Zootopia for inspiration.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
The cast of the animated movie "Up!"

13. Someone a little bit magical. Like this Doggy Poppins, we could also envision your pup as Dumbledore or Harry Potter, a character from Lord of the Rings or even one of the cast of The Wizard of Oz.

The Great PUPkin 2018,
The 2018 runner-up: Doggy Poppins!

Jessy Edwards

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