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Why Do UK Students Want to Buy an Assignment?

The heavy workload these assignments place on the students is a significant reason they opt to outsource the assignments to expert writers online.

Assignments are a common occurrence in the life of a college student. These assignments vary across different courses and lecturers and often leave the students overwhelmed because of their time to complete each one. The heavy workload these assignments place on the students is a significant reason they opt to outsource the assignments to expert writers online. This is the best way for students to avoid these assignments’ stress while ensuring that they get good grades. 

College students in the UK are well-known to buy essays online, which has led to outrage from academicians who term it “Contract Cheating” and attribute it to students’ laziness. However, this is not the case. There are several reasons why UK students prefer to buy an assignment, and none of it has anything to do with laziness. Some of these are discussed below.

Improved grades

Outsourcing their assignments to expert assignment writers is one of the sure ways to help students improve their grades. Many online writing services employ experienced and highly-qualified writers with master's and doctorate degrees. So, they know exactly what is required to help their clients ace the assignment. This adds to the student’s overall grade and helps to improve it. 

Not everyone is a good writer, and students who don’t have this skill will not express themselves well enough, which will affect their grades. Outsourcing the assignments prevents such scenarios and ensures their grades are as good as they can be. 

Convenient and time-saving

Buying an assignment online is very convenient for students as it provides them with more time for studying, leisure, and other extracurricular activities. However, assignment writing is one of the most challenging tasks of college life because of the time required to complete each one and the sheer number of assignments to complete. 

The process involved in writing an assignment, from researching the topic to creating an outline, drafting the essay before writing, proofreading and editing, and writing the references, takes a lot of time. Yet they have to do this for tens of assignments. Add this to other academic activities such as attending classes, practicals, and studying, and you realize there’s no time left for leisure and rest, not to mention extracurricular activities. This is inconvenient for the students and often leads to burnout. 

However, by seeking an assignment help service, they can conveniently fulfil their academic obligations without burning out while also resting properly and improving or maintaining their good grades. 

Meeting deadlines

It’s bad enough that the students are expected to spend more than half of their time writing essays and assignments for several courses. However, you also have to consider a deadline for these assignments. Most times, the deadline given isn’t enough for the students to come up with excellent pieces, and they often coincide with each other. These factors combine and leave the students with no choice but to seek external help. 

No student wants to miss a submission deadline because it affects their grades. But there are many assignments to write for different courses, and they’re also involved in many other academic and non-academic activities. Some students also have to work per time to raise their fees and get money for their upkeep. So there’s little or no time left to face the mass amount of time-crunching assignments. But, with online assignment help, they’re surely going to meet these deadlines. 

Error-free writing

Writing is an art, an ability that isn’t endowed upon everyone. Holding a pen to paper is one thing, but writing as a skill is another. Therefore, it seems unfair that all students are expected to write essays by themselves when some are blessed with the gift of writing and others aren’t. Yet, they’re graded the same, not considering the strengths and weaknesses of individuals. 

A natural writer has a lower chance of making mistakes in their essays than others who aren’t gifted writers. This gives the student writers a better chance of getting good grades than others because it’s their strength. The only way for students to compensate for their lack of writing skills is to outsource their assignments to skilled writers. This also ensures that their writing is error-free, and they can submit a work of high quality. 

High-quality submissions

The surest way to get excellent grades with assignment submissions is to submit assignments of high quality. However, there are several reasons why students may not be able to develop high-quality works by themselves. Among these are the lack of time and skilled writing ability. When students don’t have enough time to sit down and work on their assignment as it requires, they end up making up something in a hurry. These hurried works are poor quality submissions because of the lack of scrutiny in completing the assignment. Also, as mentioned earlier, not everyone is skilled enough to write A-quality assignments. No matter how much they try and the time they put in, some students simply lack the natural ability to write skillfully. This is natural and can’t be considered a deficiency on their part, but their grades are at stake still. Their best bet is to pay experts to create high-quality work for them. 

Zero plagiarism

Students, in their naivety, sometimes plagiarize their assignments. This may be because they don’t understand it, the deadline is too close, or they don’t have enough time that they need. Whatever the reason is, plagiarism is a crime, and no one should be caught in it. Online essay writers understand this fact and always come up with unique assignments for their clients.


Students’ outsourcing their assignments is a lot more than being lazy. There are many reasons and factors at play for this, and this article discusses some of the reasons why it’s common among UK students.