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The TikTok Phenomenon and How to Promote on it

According to the network itself, the average TikTok user enters the application 7 times a day and spends 39 minutes a day on it.
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TikTok is an application that triumphantly marches the planet. It is the most downloaded app for iOS (ahead of Instagram and WhatsApp) and the third most downloaded app for Android.

Today we will talk about what is interesting about the TikTok phenomenon and how a business can use this new platform for promotion. Now you will learn how you can promote on this social network without having to buy TikTok followers.

It is not easy to describe the concept of this platform: young people record their video sequence to popular tracks. We can say that this is a format of amateur clips.

However, in reality, the social network has grown from this concept into something much more. This is a subculture, with its stars with an audience of millions (there are already many of them all over the world), with whom performers record hits.

The loyalty of the audience is amazing: according to the network itself, the average TikTok user enters the application 7 times a day and spends 39 minutes a day on it.

The main claim to the platform from the business side is a young audience: 40% of users are under 18 years old. There are three things you need to keep in mind here:

Firstly, there are many businesses (events, clothing, education, etc.) where teenagers are the right audience.

Secondly, the 14-24 year old segment is very underestimated by business. On the one hand, they have their own money (from their parents, or from part-time jobs). On the other hand, being a proactive generation, they provide parents with ideas: where to go on vacation, where to order food, where to buy electronics.

Thirdly, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also started out as student networks. And then the inevitable happened everywhere — students and children grew up with the platform. The same will happen with TikTok. Teenagers will grow up, in response, the network will acquire new functionality, and we will get a new universal network. The main thing is that the audience's loyalty to this service is going through the roof and this is almost a new Instagram.

Ways to promote on TikTok

So, we discussed what is interesting about the platform, now let's talk about what exactly you can do there to promote if you don't just want to buy followers on TikTok (although this is a very effective way).

Entering trends

Users actively watch videos from recommendations. There are algorithms for displaying videos in trends, such as audience activity, interactions with the video, etc. In general, the system is built no worse than that of YouTube. This means that social ladders function and allow you to become popular without money, due to ideal content.

Branded masks

Just like on Instagram, it became possible to make your own masks (for example, with company logos or products), allowing users to use them in their videos.

Official advertising

There are several formats of videos and photos that are shown in different placements (for example, in the user's feed). It lasts up to 15 seconds, you can embed links, hashtags, in a word, it is very similar to advertising in stories.