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The Most Stunning Matching Jewelry Pieces for Couples

From pendant necklace to silver stud, there are plenty of luxury jewelry options to choose from
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There is a severe lack of guidance when it comes to jewelry shopping for couples. As they say, a couple usually has many similarities, including their fashion sensibilities. Unfortunately, there are not many articles dedicated to that. 

Thanks to icons like Harry Styles and Lil Nas, the world has finally realized that men are into jewelry too. A couple of celebrities are often spotted adorning some spectacular jewelry that is well in sync. While going out for a date or attending an event, these couples never leave any room for chance. From pendant necklace to silver stud, there are plenty of options one can choose from that complements their partner and completes them.

However, there is very little guidance available for this, and that's why keeping a great modern couple and their sensibilities in mind, we have put together a few such jewelry pieces that have just the right blend of form and function. Have a look.

1. Pendant Necklaces

Necklaces are the perfect way to express your individuality and mood. Much to our delight, couples can join the bandwagon to adorn themselves in chic necklaces that feature sparkles, colors, shapes, stones in different ranges of materials that one finds most suitable to their liking. The best part about pendant necklaces is that couples can experiment with their chains' different layers, lengths, and thicknesses and create unique looks and combinations with their outfits. While a black monotone outfit will go perfect with a yellow-gold chain featuring a pearl drop charm, a lighter outfit calls for something opposite. The younger generation has also moved towards not-so-basic crystals and gemstones with healing powers such as Shungite jewelry. It is made from a mineraloid formed over 2 billion years ago and contains a crystallized form of carbon called fullerenes. This provides the stone with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and detox properties while providing relief against skin diseases, muscle pains, and injuries. Shungite jewelry is also personal protection against EMFs and negative energies in one's surroundings.

2. Silver Studs

2021 broke many gender stereotypes, and a popular one amongst them was that men don't love jewelry. This year, major pop stars, celebrities, athletes, and more have taken it upon themselves to be adorned in beautiful jewels, crystals, and stones. From figurative earrings to bold solitaires and drop charms, all gender, and non-gender types are willing to experiment with different embellishments for their multiple piercings. Counted as one of the world's most valuable gemstones and also captured as the famous heart necklace from the Titanic, the Blue Sapphire has become an iconic gem in the jewelry market. If you're a fan of the deep oceanic stone, then we have an even better, rarer alternative for you, which is lighter on the pockets, a pretty pair of Tanzanite earrings. They're subtle, sophisticated, ultra-chic, and a perfect addition for the couple's closet. 

3. Engraved Charm Bracelets

Engravings can be truly personal, and it's not the style but the thought that counts. While men and women have shared a similar interest in watches and curb chain bracelets in gold or silver tones, there's a lot more to explore in recent times to help accentuate their wrists. Make your other half feel more than the whole with a unique engraved charm bracelet. Think bold initials, symbols, signs, prose, quotes, etc., that offer a deep insight into your relationship and remind you of your partner's affection. Going for personalized bracelets over your outfits will look just as good on a back-to-basics outfit as on a statement-making power suit. 

4. Pearl Chokers

Pearls are the ultimate cool-couple goals to jazz up each of their outfits. When famous pop singer Harry Styles charmed us with a statement pearl earring or singers such as Asap Rocky and Shawn Mendes clasped a sweet pearl choker around their necks with their outfits, it was only the beginning of the pearl era. The pearl chokers may have been a great start, but couples have found inspiration for jewelry in all sorts of body areas, from studs, brooches, and even their clothes! Think of colorful baubles, exciting shapes, and charms, layers of metals to find the perfect embellishment that complements both you and your partner's aesthetic and expresses how special you feel in each other's company, any day and every day.