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Smooth Casino Etiquettes to Live By

Here are some of the simple but time-tested etiquette rules to avoid problems at casinos.
Casino etiquette

When you enter a casino, your main purpose is most likely to play, relax and have a fun night out. However, there are instances when people stress themselves so much and do inappropriate things that ruin the game or the place's ambiance.

Casinos are crowded places where conflicts arise because of various reasons. It is only natural that casinos lay down some rules and etiquettes that guests should abide by. This way, everyone could spend an enjoyable round of their favorite game. 

If you are a casino newbie, it will help to learn some of the simple but time-tested etiquette rules to avoid problems in the future.

Dress Code

The dress code for a casino usually depends on what the facility sets. Remember that most casinos would want to maintain an image. But generally, players wear smart casuals. These kinds of clothes are comfortable but are presentable at the same time.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you plan on playing online casino games, you wouldn’t have to follow any dress code.

Mobile Phone

Though you may think you cannot live without your mobile phone, having it ringing now and then is very distracting to the other players. Players try to concentrate on their games, only to get distracted by a phone call. There is a right place and time for this unless you want dirty looks coming your way all night.

It is common knowledge that most casinos do not allow anybody to take pictures of their gaming floors as part of their security measures. Taking photos may lead to confiscating your mobile phone or, worse, being kicked out of the area.

Money & Your Chips

When exchanging your cash for casino chips, it’s general etiquette that you lay down your money on the table. Dealers would never take it directly from you to ensure no wishy-washy things are going on. If you are not a regular client and do not know these rules, it’s okay to ask first.

If you do not want to look arrogant, never count your big bucks in public. Doing so would give off the impression that you are trying to look superior to other people, especially those who just lost their bets. You may also be attracting unpleasant people who are on the lookout for people like you as their next victim.

Taking Breaks

Be considerate when you are in games or slot games. Of course, you are allowed to take a break, but make it quick and short. If you are eating, taking a long smoke, or playing another game, you may get the ire of other players. Give up your slot so that other players can try their luck.

Tipping Protocols

Whether you are a professional gambler or just a newbie, it is best to learn the tipping decorum of a country or a casino before you place your first bet. 

The question is, who should you tip in a casino, and how much? Dealers stand all day, striving hard to give you a good game. They earn above minimum wage, and the workers who accept tips are most likely paid by the hour.

If you are on a slot machine, for example, the cashier or the attendant assisting your transactions or helping you make a change can be tipped $1.00 - $5.00 depending on your winning streak. Generally, It is up to the bettors’ generosity on how much they would like to tip the casino employees.

Keep Your Cool

Lastly, keep a cool disposition, especially in places like casinos. We all know that people come to casinos to have fun and unwind. But some people have a different mindset when it comes to gambling. 

You may encounter an angry gambler who constantly loses and is on edge. If you think you are getting fired up and being challenged for a fight, you better step back and take a breather.

It can also be the other way around. Say you’re the one losing your cool. If this is the situation, get your head straight. Be sure that you are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared to win or lose in a casino. Alcohol may also be the culprit. Try to walk around and talk to other people. Moreover, do not drink if you think you can’t handle it.


It may seem like common sense, but newbie gamblers following simple etiquette rules in casinos aren’t very common. Coming clueless in casinos can embarrass not only you but also other gamblers. It will also be irritating if you become the cause of the delay of some games.

Remember that casinos are there for entertainment and excitement. But always keep yourself in check and take things moderately. Don’t drain your bankroll and just have some fun. And to fully enjoy the night, remember to follow simple casino etiquette that will surely make you look like a professional gambler.