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Most Versatile Diamond Settings for Diamond Stud Earrings for Special Occasions

If you’re unsure about the styles and settings available in diamond stud earrings, here’s all that you need to know. 

Diamond stud earrings can be the ideal choice when you plan to make your first diamond investment. While pendants, necklaces, and diamond rings can be extravagant, diamond studs offer you a great range of styles while suiting your budget. Over 82% of the people in the U.S. have ear lobe piercings, meaning this jewelry piece can be effortlessly worn every day.

If you’re unsure about the styles and settings available in diamond stud earrings, here’s all that you need to know. 

Diamond Stud Earrings Overview

Diamond studs are timeless pieces of jewelry that can never go out of fashion. Every diamond lover must have a pair of diamond stud earrings, as they complement almost all outfits and are suitable for every occasion you can think of. While you might have an image as you think of diamond studs, there are various styles you would want to explore when you plan to buy diamond stud earrings. One of the factors that influence how the earrings look is the setting. With that said, here are some of the common and most attractive diamond settings that can render the earrings fit for your taste. 

Most Versatile Diamond Settings for Diamond Stud Earrings

While diamond studs are a classic piece of jewelry that is preferred for being versatile, not all diamond studs are the same. You will come across various settings which differentiate one diamond stud from another and give it a characteristic feature. Therefore, before opting for diamond studs with a specific setting, do your research to determine which setting is your style. With that said, here are the common diamond settings for diamond studs. 

Four-Prong Diamond Studs

Among the many diamond settings that exist, prong settings are the most common ones for diamond stud earrings. A prong setting features projected parts that extend up to the tip of the diamond. These prongs secure the diamond in place. As the name suggests, a four-prong diamond stud has a single stone secured by four prongs, which gives the earrings a classic appeal. 

A four-prong setting reveals the sides of the diamond, and this allows the diamond to have that extra shine. Diamond studs with a prong setting may also feature three or five prongs. However, with five prongs too many and three too few, a four-prong setting stands out among the other two and is more popular. 

Bezel Settings

If you intend to invest in diamond earrings that look modern and unique, you can settle for the bezel setting. In a bezel setting, the sides of the diamond are completely surrounded by the setting, thus revealing the top of the diamond. This gives the diamond a definite circular look and makes for a stylish and sleek appearance.

In addition, the bezel setting is often chosen when people invest in a very expensive and luxurious diamond, as this setting holds the diamond firmly in place. Therefore, the diamond is less likely to suffer any damage from mishaps like drops and bumps. 

Halo Settings

While diamond studs are generally known for their simplicity, the halo setting differs slightly from the rest of its stud counterparts. It packs extra sparkle and is a little fancier than the other types. So they’re the right pick if you would want to wear your diamond stud earrings for special occasions. 

A halo setting features a single center diamond which is surrounded by several smaller diamonds, which adds a halo effect to the center stone. Unlike most classic diamond studs that feature a single diamond, halo-set diamond studs have many stones, and this sets them apart from other settings. Further, with several diamonds lining the center diamond, the earrings look bigger than their actual size and have a brilliant shine.

Pavé Setting

A pave setting is yet another interesting and unique alternative to the classic four-prong diamond studs, as it features a row of round or baguette diamonds on a ring setting, which is generally made of metal. The pave setting is a broad style and comprises many designs, such as micro pave, french pave, and U-cut paves, based on how the diamonds are arranged on the metal. 

Pave-set diamond studs are generally the go-to choice for children and teens, as they give a youthful appearance when worn. They’re also versatile and minimalistic and can be worn for any occasion with various types of outfits. 

Crown-Style Setting

The crown-style setting resembles the classic prong setting, martini glass-style setting, and basket setting with only little variations. While a crown-style setting also features a flat bottom, what differentiates it from other diamond stud setting styles is that the prongs extend upward, which makes the prongs form a crown for the diamond. Much like the prong setting, crown-style diamond studs are also available in variants, such as three-prong, four-prong, and five-prong crown-style settings. 

If you want a significant amount of metal to support your diamond and strike a balance between the diamond and the metal, this setting is an ideal choice. The crown-style setting features more metal than the other styles. However, the excess metal forms the shape of a crown on the sides, which adds to the beauty of the earrings. 

Where to Buy Diamond Studs?

When buying diamond earrings or any diamond jewelry, identifying the right seller is more crucial than finding the right style or design. Today, you will easily come across hundreds of physical and online stores that sell diamond studs. However, when investing in jewelry made from this precious stone, credibility is of utmost importance. As a thumb rule, shop from stores that have been around for several years and are well-known for the quality of the jewelry. 

The quality of a diamond is evaluated using four characteristics– color, clarity, cut, and carat. You can ascertain the quality by referring to the grading certificate that comes with the diamond. Therefore, look for a seller who provides a reliable third-party certificate with a serial number for the diamond to ensure the grading can be trusted. 


Investing in diamond jewelry can be daunting, as it is one of the rarest and the most expensive stones. However, it gets easier when you start small and buy something like a pair of diamond stud earrings. However, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned diamond shopper, buying your stones from the right seller is of great importance. And while considering your personal taste and budget is critical before making a decision, it is equally important to look at the images of different diamond stud earrings and compare them to ensure you pick the best one for yourself or your loved one.