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Brooklyn Real Estate Experts Lou Belisario and Joe Cruz Team up With Side to Launch Revived Residential

Revived Residential distinguishes itself as a luxury real estate agency that merges personalized service with advanced technology.
Joe Cruz and Lou Belisario

Renowned real estate experts Lou Belisario and Joe Cruz, who spearhead Brooklyn's top mega team, have joined forces with Side to launch Revived Residential, a boutique real estate agency. This new venture primarily serves Brooklyn but also extends its expert services to Queens and Manhattan. Revived Residential distinguishes itself as a luxury real estate agency that merges personalized service with advanced technology, ensuring unparalleled service quality for all clients.

Since its inception in 2020, the Belisario Cruz Team has impressively completed over 1,000 transactions, amounting to nearly $500 million. Originally starting with a five-agent lineup, the team has expanded to 25 top-tier agents, securing the position of not only the leading mega team in Brooklyn but also the second in New York City. Between 2022 and 2023 alone, they achieved over $225 million in sales, including more than 200 residential deals and 600 rental agreements.

Lou Belisario, a third-generation real estate broker from Brooklyn, boasts an impressive career spanning nearly two decades, during which he has facilitated over $1 billion in transactions across all Brooklyn neighborhoods. Before his move to Compass in 2018, he dedicated 12 years as the executive director of sales at Fillmore Real Estate.

Joe Cruz, who earned his real estate license at 18, founded Urban Realty at 21 and managed 50 agents in two offices for nine years before merging with Town Residential and later transitioning to Compass. Throughout his career, Cruz has successfully completed over 5,000 rental transactions.

In addition to their real estate ventures, both Belisario and Cruz are licensed contractors, partners in My Beautiful Home Designs, and co-owners of the real estate development firm B2C Development. The introduction of Revived Residential is set to enrich their service offerings with new Development and Commercial divisions.

Powered by Side's cutting-edge technology, Revived Residential aims to offer New York City's clientele a perfect blend of high-tech efficiency and the personalized touch of boutique service. "Launching this company was a strategic move to gain full control over our operations," Belisario explained. "Side's technological support impressed us, and we are confident that this partnership will elevate Revived Residential into a cherished brand that revitalizes the New York City real estate scene."

Revived Residential's debut signifies a pivotal expansion in New York's boutique real estate sector, an initiative that Side began in 2022 with the establishment of OFFICIAL by Tal and Oren Alexander. The New York real estate scene has also seen the advent of other boutique firms like 74 West by Ethan Leifer, CITY SPHERE by Nikolay and Yulia Afanasyev, and Archpoint Advisory by Charlie Homet and John Brandon.