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Some Popular Educational Trends Of 2021

From HBCU College Rankings to online classrooms and schools, everything has changed quite a lot in such an unpredictable manner
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After the pandemic hit the worl last year, everything seemed to change, and everyone started to adopt new styles in order to adjust to this situation.

Just like every other field, education also went through some difficulties in these tough times and somehow suffered a lot but has now switched to some latest trends in order to make peace with the pandemic. 

From HBCU College Rankings to online classrooms and schools, everything has changed quite a lot in such an unpredictable manner. 

As every student has his own interest and everyone chooses to study different aspects of life, here are some of the most popular educational trends of 2021 that you keep up with yourself. 

Self Care

Due to the recent world event and a global pandemic that just hit us, many families and teachers might be quite overwhelmed with the situation than ever.

Since 2020, education and learning have moved to the online platform, and teachers and students scrambled to adjust their curriculums; many parents, students, and teachers gained a lot of appreciation for the value of self-care. 

While none of us still does not know when things will get back to normal and how this year will look like educationally, it is undoubtedly important for all parents, teachers, and students to take care of their well-being and overall personal health.

Teachers might also want to include assignments in their courses that can help the students to manage their stress and take out time for their self-care. 

Personalized Learning

Personalized learning has been on the rise over the past few years, and this is why you would need to keep an eye on it. 

Why am I saying this? Because when the school curriculum will be able to adjust to every student's unique interests and needs, students are more likely to progress and turn their heads in the right direction. 

Genius Hour

A genius hour is somehow a new educational strategy that can allow the students to work on a self-chosen and self-paced project for one hour each day. 

This kind of learning technique can encourage the students to practice their individual thinking skills and creativity and eventually develop a genuine love for learning something new every day. 

It is also one of the great ways to enhance student engagement in a teacher's classroom, and it is a trend that every teacher should try to provide their students with genius spaces

Bite-Sized Learning

Bite-sized learning is also one of the educational strategies that can cater to the students with intensive yet brief activities in order to target some particular academic skills. 

Because of the online classes trend in the educational world, bite-sized learning activities can turn out to be quite helpful. 

The technical use of these short activities will help the teachers to teach their students some new skills. 

This will allow the teachers to take into account what are a student's limited capacity areas for focused and long online lessons.

Even if the students tend to return to classrooms once this pandemic ends, this strategy can still be useful.