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Brooklyn on the Water: 5 Fun Activities for A Break from City Life!

Relaxing by the ocean, playing with your kids in a water park, or renting a boat for other watery adventures are all offered in Brooklyn
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City life has treacherous waves and currents.

But why not experience waves and currents in the places in which they are supposed to be?

Relaxing by the ocean, playing with your kids in a water park, or renting a boat for other watery adventures are all offered in Brooklyn, NY.

Take a brief look into fun water-related activities near you!

Boat Sailing in the East River

Whether you’re a sailing pro or new to the experience, it’s possible to rent a boat near you and cruise the East River below the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Drifting along the river gives you the fantastic opportunity to view the city from a different angle. If you want a bit of romance, hire a skipper and take a sunset cruise with your significant other (don’t forget the champagne!)

And if you’re lucky, you might even spot dolphins in the East River, like the pair that made a surprise visit in 2021.

Water Lab and Jet Skiing at Brooklyn Bridge

In the hot, humid summer, we recommend making a stop in between Manhattan and Brooklyn at the famous Brooklyn Bridge, where there is something for everyone.

For the kids – scurry in before the normal noon rush and get creative at an interactive Water Lab at Pier 6 within Brooklyn Bridge Park, or explore other engaging activities in the school holidays in Brooklyn! For the adults – rent a jet ski and feel that adrenaline rush!

Water Sports and Fishing at Prospect Park Lake

Dad, bring your kids for some tubing, waterskiing, kayaking, and wakeboarding, while you set up your gear on the shoreline and enjoy some peaceful fishing time at Prospect Park Lake.

The 55-acre lake is located within the historical Prospect Park, and if you catch a crappie larger than 11 inches, you’ll be setting a new record!

Snorkeling and Free Diving at Coney Island

From Prospect Park Lake, you can travel by car or subway to Coney Island Beach, located on the peninsula of the Atlantic Ocean.

You can also hire a boat to make room for activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and free diving. It’ll make your head spin with all the activities you can do!

However, if you’re more of a sunbathing and reading type of person, Coney Island Beach is the perfect spot for this too. Just make sure a lifeguard is on duty before you jump in for that bi-hourly cool-off in the ocean.

Stand-Up Paddling Boarding at Surf Skate Fitness

As we move through Brooklyn, another brilliant service for water-related activities is Surf Skate Fitness, which serves all of New York!

Ever heard of SUP? No, not the casual greeting – we’re talking about Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, where you balance on 2 feet on a board and paddle your way along the water.

Although a seemingly recent activity, SUP originated in Peru 3000 years ago, so it’s bound to have some intrinsic value if it has continued for this long!

Surf Skate Fitness caters to singletons, couples, and families with children, with their primary focus being fitness and fun.