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Best Places To Propose In Brooklyn

From the exciting locations and activities to the more romantic, Brooklyn has something to offer every couple.
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Credit: pixabay

While New York City is a popular destination for marriage proposals, across the Brooklyn Bridge, you'll also find endless romantic possibilities. 

Brooklyn hosts some of the most gorgeous and photogenic locations that will make your proposal memorable.

In our list, we'll take you through some of the many places available to propose to your significant other. From the exciting locations and activities to the more romantic, Brooklyn has something to offer every couple.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most popular places in the world to propose to your partner. In fact, the bridge is used as a romantic location in many movies, such as Sex In The City. 

If you're up for the walk, you'll be greeted with beautiful New York City and Brooklyn scenery.

The middle of the Brooklyn Bridge is the most popular location for marriage proposals. If you'd like a more discreet proposal, early morning or later afternoon is ideal. Ensure to check in advance if the bridge will be under renovation.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Suppose you're not up to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. In that case, Brooklyn Bridge Park will be an ideal romantic proposal location. Located in Dumbo, it's more private but still has the most photogenic views of the bridge and the New York skyline.

There are also many dining options to make your special day with your partner last longer. During the week it's less busy than on the weekend. You can add some decorations, such as flowers and candles, to make this setting even more romantic.

Valentino Pier

The Valentino Pier offers a beautiful view of Upper Bay and the Statue of Liberty in the distance. While any time of day would be great for a proposal, it's at sunset when this location becomes magical and romantic.

The weather needs to be perfect for this location. If it's too windy, it may make the proposal difficult for you. The only thing that can make it more special is if you choose to build your engagement ring. Your significant other will appreciate the thought that went into a custom ring design.

The River Café

If you're looking to propose over delicious fine dining, look no further than The River Café. Located in a romantic location next to the Brooklyn Bridge, it offers customers exquisite views of the New York skyline.

The chic and sophisticated style of the restaurant offers a great location to pop the question. For a more discreet proposal, there's a terrace and garden with beautiful views of everything great about New York.

Be sure to make a booking in advance. Formal attire is also required, but it all makes for the perfect proposal setting.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park is Brooklyn's Central Park, but less crowded. It's a beautiful spot for a more simplistic yet romantic proposal. With the park's beautiful surroundings, all you need is champagne and a picnic basket filled with your partner's favorite foods.

The park has many proposals and beautiful historic sites, including the zoo, LeFrak Center, and the Lefferts Historic House. The proposal opportunities at Prospect are endless.

The Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens is a beautiful proposal location in the North East corner of Prospect Park at any time of the year. Whether winter or summer, the gardens offer stunning sceneries for a winter wonderland or a summer-and-chill vibe.

The conservatory offers a beautiful shelter if the weather is not as you hoped. With a large variety of tropical and subtropical vegetation, it's a true rainforest paradise. Did we mention that the conservatory also has a beautiful waterfall for the perfect proposal spot?

Coney Island

Coney Island is a Brooklyn landmark. Suppose you and your partner are an adventurous couple. In that case, the iconic Coney Island will be your perfect proposal location. It has various proposal locations, from the beach to the Wonder Wheel.

To add some fun and adrenaline to your proposal, try popping the question on one of Coney Island's roller coasters. 

A Private Boat

From Pier 1 and 5, you can rent a private boat to make your proposal even more memorable. A 2-hour sunset cruise around the Statue of Liberty with a bottle of champagne is the perfect way to present that diamond engagement ring to your significant other.If a water activity sounds like the perfect proposal, remember to wear comfortable shoes and warm clothing.