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Actionable Wellness Resolutions To Consider This New Year

Wellness resolutions are often the trickiest because most people fail to take them beyond spring. However, you can ensure adherence by being more realistic and thoughtful.
Credit: Shahariar Lenin from Pixabay

With the New Year now here, it is time to revisit your goals and achievements and refresh the resolutions checklists again. After all, everyone wants to achieve more when it comes to money, success, and well-being. But wellness resolutions are often the trickiest because most people fail to take them beyond spring because of procrastination, laziness, and loss of motivation. However, you must commit to sticking with them for the long haul instead of giving up on them in a few months. You can ensure adherence by being more realistic and thoughtful while deciding on them in the first place. Let us share some actionable wellness resolutions to consider this New Year.

Simplify your life

Everyone knows what it takes to be fit and healthy. You must stick with the basics, such as eating a balanced diet, following a workout schedule, and maintaining an optimal weight. While these steps sound simple, they are not easy to implement because most people have endless things to manage. You may end up missing out on the basics due to a complex lifestyle with long to-do lists, unnecessary commitments, and time-wasting habits. The best resolution for this New Year is to simplify your life as much as possible. Start by decluttering your space because unnecessary stuff stresses you out. Get rid of toxic relationships and follow realistic schedules. Once you trim away the extras, you will have all the time to focus on your well-being. 

Pick a new skill every month

Learning new skills does more than boost professional development. In fact, you can learn life skills to become a happier and healthier person. Commit to picking a new skill every month this year. You can learn cooking or gain expertise in a new cuisine to ramp up your culinary skills. Consider mastering a healthy cooking technique such as baking or air-frying to help your family gain on the wellness front. Learning a new language is another good idea. You can prepare a bucket list of monthly to-do goals at the beginning of the year and jump from one skill to the other. But remember to practice things you learn over time.

Practice mindfulness

Another wellness resolution that deserves a place on your New Year checklist is to practice mindfulness. It helps you overcome anxiety, which is a silent killer as it leads to a host of diseases. Practicing mindfulness is about being grateful for the things you have in your moment instead of worrying about the past or future. You can adopt self-care practices like meditation and deep breathing to control your thoughts and focus on the present. Set aside a few minutes for a daily session, and gradually increase the time to an hour every day. You will notice a change in your behavior and mindset sooner than later.

Ditch unnecessary medicines 

Ditching unnecessary medicines is another actionable wellness resolution you can consider this New Year. While some medications are necessary if you suffer from a chronic health issue, many others are avoidable. In fact, painkillers, anti-anxiety medicines, and sleeping pills are totally unnecessary. You can rely on cannabis as a natural alternative to them because it is effective, safe, and has no major side effects. The best part is that cannabis is now legal in many American states, so availability is not a concern. If you are in DC, you can check the dc weed scene to find reputable dispensaries and delivery services. Discuss the option with your doctor, and switch to cannabis as a holistic alternative for relieving pain, anxiety, or insomnia.

Prioritize financial wellness

Surprisingly, financial wellness can go a long way in boosting your physical and mental well-being. The more stable and secure you feel, the less stress you encounter. It becomes even more crucial in the new normal when unpredictability is a constant stress factor. The good thing is that you need not do much to implement this New Year resolution. Creating a realistic budget is the best way to start. Besides sticking with the budget, set up an emergency savings fund and contribute to it every month. You can go the extra mile with financial stability with small steps like making a retirement plan, starting an investment portfolio, and steering clear of impulsive buying.

Prepare an abstinence checklist

Besides doing everything right for your health, you must also be aware of the potential culprits. After all, you have better chances of ditching them if you know them in the first place. Prepare an abstinence checklist and ensure it is visible in the right places such as your kitchen refrigerator, on your work desk, and in your car. Typically, the list should include everything you want to avoid, from sugar to oily food, alcohol, smoking, unnecessary spending, and late nights. Once you see the things you want to eliminate from your life, you are likely to skip them one by one and become the healthiest version of yourself.

Spend more time alone

Another realistic New Year resolution worth following this New Year is to spend more time alone. Although you must spend quality time with your partner, kids, and friends, do not feel guilty about reserving an hour for yourself. You can wake up early to step out for a walk alone, plan a solo coffee or dinner date, or indulge in a spa session. A solo trip every year is an even better way to reconnect with yourself and understand your needs. Spending time alone is also about disconnecting from the phone and social media. Besides taking time alone, give more space to people you are connected with. 

You need not invest in fancy diet plans or expensive fitness programs to achieve your wellness resolutions. These are least likely to continue for the long haul, no matter how enthusiastic you are in the beginning. Focus on realistic and actionable ones because they are easier to stick with and adopt as lifestyle habits. Start with these resolutions this New Year to stay ahead of your wellness goals and plans.