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5 Top Tips For Online Sports Betting in New York

If you’re new to sports betting and live in New York, or you just want to gain some insight, then you’ve come to the right place.
If you’re new to sports betting and live in New York, or you just want to gain some insight, then you’ve come to the right place.

Since New York legalized online sports betting in January 2022, it has become extremely popular among fans of virtually any sport. New Yorkers are placing wagers on their favorite teams and even branching out to bet on other teams or different sports. 

If you’re new to sports betting and live in New York, or you just want to gain some insight, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over five crucial tips that online sports betters in NY should keep in mind at all times. 

1. Take advantage of multiple welcome offers

One of the best things about signing up for a new online sportsbook is the welcome bonus it gives you. This offer varies by platform, and you can compare online sportsbooks in NY to see which offer you like best. But just about any of them will offer some kind of incentive for signing up. 

This might include things like no-risk first wagers paid back in bonus bets, bonus bets for the first winning wager, deposit matches and more. The great thing is that you don’t have to choose just one of these offers – you can take advantage of all of those you want, and have active accounts at multiple different sportsbooks. 

Just be sure to read the fine print about your welcome bonus. Some welcome bonuses have rules that make them less appealing than they may seem. So it’s important to really understand what you need to do in order to activate and receive the bonus, and how many wagers you need to make before any funds resulting from the bonus are eligible to be withdrawn. 

If you do everything right, though, you should be able to enjoy some nice benefits from your welcome offers. 

Having multiple accounts can also come in handy in other ways, which brings us to our next tip. 

2. Compare odds between sportsbooks

If you’ve already done some shopping around for different sportsbooks, or if you already have multiple different online sportsbook accounts, you’ll notice that they tend to have different odds for various wagers. That’s why it can be advantageous to have an account with more than one sportsbook. Then, you can simply choose the one that is giving you the best odds for the wager you want to make. 

However, keep in mind that that’s not always going to be the case. If one sportsbook had the most favorable odds for a particular wager at a particular time, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll always offer the best odds on what you’re looking for. It's important to check each time if you want to find the best odds for your wager.

3. Only play on licensed sportsbooks 

It’s best to stick with fully licensed sportsbooks to avoid bad actors – especially when your account balance and financial data are on the line. Stick with well-known sportsbooks that have good reputations. Sportsbooks that are licensed are inspected by regulators to ensure that they are meeting the required guidelines. This ensures equitable gaming and security. 

Also, be sure to check what license they actually have. Be sure that it complies with the official regulations for New York, as specified by the New York State Gambling Commission. This will ensure that you can trust the sportsbook’s processes and handling of your bets. 

4. Check for existing player promos

Welcome bonuses are great but that’s not where the opportunity for bonuses ends. Make sure you keep up with any and all promotional offers that the sportsbook you’re a customer of has at any given time. 

In the world of online sportsbooks, it’s common for them to have offers that cater to the biggest sporting events of the week, month or season. For example, during the NBA playoffs, they typically have some NBA-specific offers available. 

The types of offers available to existing players can vary, but some of the most common are profit boosts. These allow players to place a wager, and if they win, the amount they win gets ‘boosted’ by a set percentage. 

These promos normally aren’t automatic, though – you typically have to opt in to these promotions in the Promotions area of your sportsbook. 

You should also subscribe to or follow the sportsbook’s social media channels and mailing lists. That way, you’ll be notified when a new promo deal is on offer so you can take advantage of it. 

5. Check if the sportsbook also has a casino

If you’re also interested in playing the occasional slot or table game, then you should make sure that your sportsbook of choice offers a casino. Having the option to play casino games and make sports bets from the same account is very convenient, especially if you plan to do both on a regular basis. 

Many sportsbooks come with a casino, but some have much more robust casinos than others. If there is a particular type of game or even a particular slot that you love, you should check to see which sportsbook’s casino has it. That way you’ll have twice the entertainment

A few more things to keep in mind

There are a lot of new online sportsbooks out there. Some of them can be very good, while others are still working out the kinks. With that in mind, make sure the sportsbook you choose has a good reputation. If it has a high number of users, that’s a good sign.

Also, check to see if the sportsbook has an app. Most do these days, but some of the newer ones might not yet have their own mobile app. Having a mobile app will be extremely convenient. That way, if something occurs to you, wherever you are, you can simply pull out your phone and place a wager. 

New Yorkers can enjoy sports betting on a variety of platforms, thanks to the fact that it is now legal in the state of New York. Just be sure to heed all the advice given here if you want to make the most of your online sports betting in New York.