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4 Types Of Must-Have Kitchen Knives

To work smoothly in the kitchen you need to equip yourself with the right knives.


For all the slicing and dicing we need to do to prepare delicious meals in the kitchen, we need knives!

Kitchen knives are not a luxury but an absolute necessity. To work smoothly in the kitchen you need to equip yourself with the right knives. Using the wrong knife will not only make things difficult for you but also for your ingredients. But the right knife will make working easy with even the most complicated ingredients. 

So If you're wondering what kitchen knives do you exactly need, we've compiled a list of the essential kitchen knives you need and what price point yields the best quality of the blade. Before you go on to buy a ton of knives that you've probably never going to use again, read this: 

1. Chef's Knife

A classic chef's knife is probably the most important one of all. According to kitchen experts, if you're allowed to own only one knife at all, make sure it's a quality chef knife. The reason being, this knife is an all-purpose knife that can be used for chopping, mincing, dicing, or to julienne anything.

Chef's knives usually come with a width of 1 inch and can range between 6 to 14 inches in length. Experts recommend using 8 and 10 inches knives with tanged blades that run all the way through the handle. These are easy to work with as they help maintain balance and the bigger blade you have, the safer it is to slice through ingredients.

Chef's knives are needed in almost 90% of daily kitchen tasks and a good quality chef's knife is definitely going to make your cooking a lot easier and smoother. 

2. Fillet Knife

If you're a meat-lover and often cook with meat or fish, you'll know that the right tool in hand makes pescatarian dishes even more delicious.  A fillet knife is different from a standard kitchen knife because it has a more flexible and lightweight blade that makes it easier to fillet fish and cut the flesh apart from bones. It also helps make more precise cuts and makes the whole process finer and easier.

You have two choices when it comes to fillet knives, manual or electric knives. Electric fillet knives are more expensive than the traditional manual knives but they're reliable and don't need extra strength while filleting fish or meat. They have sharp and durable blades that cut through tough meat easily and make the cooking process a breeze. Manual fillet knives are a slightly cheaper option and also make an excellent filleting tool but require more pressure and strength while filleting meat. 

3. Paring Knife

When it comes to working with ingredients that are too small for an 8 to 10-inch blade, and require attention to detail, a paring knife picks off where the chef's knife leaves. They are excellent for slicing and mincing ingredients like garlic, or peeling fruits and vegetables etc. They're a must-have for all kitchens and are widely used in the everyday cooking routine. They come with a 3.5-inch long blade which makes it easier to work with small ingredients and making meal prep easy and quick. One thing you should definitely avoid with paring knives is cutting hard vegetables because the small blade is not good enough to cut through such foods, but that's where your chef's knife comes in! 

4. Serrated Knife

If you bake frequently, a serrated knife is your best friend. Serrated knives are excellent for slicing bread neatly and for foods that have slippery or waxy surfaces such as watermelons, tomatoes, citrus fruits, or peppers. They have a jagged edge that makes it easier to cut through slippery surfaces and makes cutting cake layers a breeze! They're perfect for hobbyist bakers and even for regular use in daily meal prep. 

You might find yourself wishing for an all-star knife that you can use for all your cooking needs, but till that's not possible, these three knives are your best bets. While any other knives you buy are a luxury, these are the knives that your kitchen can't live without. The right knife for the right task will make your cooking process a whole lot easier and quicker!