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New Public Composting Bins in Crown Heights: The Latest Development In The 'War on Rats'

More than 25 bins in Crown Heights have been installed in the last week, giving central Brooklyn access to composting.
Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 10.35.12 AM
Much of Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy and Bushwick are now covered in Smart Compost bins. Photo: The NYC Compost app.

In recent weeks, smart composting bins have taken over Brooklyn, reports Patch. First, the bins popped up in Bed-Stuy, then in Prospect Heights and now officials are working to address the composting gap in Crown Heights.

"Mayor Adams tasked us with developing a new program that would be effective, affordable, and equitable," stated Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch, back in August.

"We looked at what had worked in the past, as well as what hadn't, and developed a smart, innovative solution that is going to be easier for the people of New York City, harder for rats, and better for the planet."

Now, parts of North Crown Heights have access to over 25 public Smart Composting bins, according to NYC Compost, an app that shows users the current locations of smart bins and allows access to the bins.

However, despite the recent expansion, there are still no bins east of Ralph Avenue when nearly every other avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Eastern Parkway has at least some bins. 

In addition to being a win for the environment, experts agree that the recent uptick in composting is expected to play a significant role in New York's "war on rats."

By removing food scraps from city streets, composting has been shown to greatly reduce the amount of food available for rodents to eat. And these improvements coincide with Mayor Eric Adams' recent plans to expand Smart Composting Bins throughout the five boroughs, stating that the city had already installed 250 bins across the city since the beginning of 2022 and hopes to install 250 more.

NYC Compost, the free app needed to operate the bins, is available for Android and iOS. A list of what items can be composted, typically all organic food and plant waste, can be found on the side of the bin as well as on the NYC Compost app.