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Here's What Brooklyn Voters Need to Know About Tomorrow's Election

In this election, Brooklynites will vote on City Council candidates, local judges and two State Constitution amendments.
Primary Day, June 27, 2023, in Brooklyn.

New York City is having an election on Tuesday, Nov. 7, and Brooklyn is included.

But wait — didn’t Brooklyn just have an election?

It did, but that was before New York’s 51 City Council district lines were redrawn following the 2020 census. The City Council district lines were redrawn right after the 2021 elections, which were based on the previous lines.

With the new district maps now set, another election is being held to represent them, along with the others not directly impacted. That means some candidates who were elected in 2021 are running again — this time in their redefined districts. There are also judge elections and state constitution ammendments on the ballot.

“Civic engagement is the lifeblood of our vibrant city, and voting is the bedrock of a healthy democracy,” said Women Creating Change's President and CEO, Sharon Sewell-Fairman. WCC recently created a Civic Matters Hub to help New Yorkers understand civic engagement with resources and information.

Keep reading to learn how to vote and who's on the ballot. 

Primary Day June 27, 2023, in Brooklyn. Photo: Jessy Edwards for BK Reader.

Can I vote in this year's election?

If you are a registered voter in Brooklyn, otherwise known as Kings County, you are eligible to vote on Nov. 7. You have until Saturday, Oct. 28 to register to vote, which you can do online at the Board of Elections or the DMV.

In order to vote, you must be 18 years old and a U.S. Citizen by Nov. 7. If you are new to Brooklyn, you are eligible if you have been here for at least 30 days by Election Day.

People convicted of a crime and people deemed mentally impaired by a judge are ineligible to vote.

When and where do I vote? 

Vote early from Oct. 28-Nov. 5, or go to your neighborhood's polling place on Nov. 7. This Board of Elections link will show where to find your poll site.

The deadline for requesting absentee ballots by mail has passed, but voters can still request an absentee ballot in person at their county board of elections until Nov. 6.

What is on my ballot?

This election, voters will vote on City Council candidates, local judges and two State Constitution proposals.

Chances are your district is seeing two City Council candidates from opposing political parties running against each other; there are eight in Brooklyn. However, the rest of the districts have candidates running unopposed. Find out which district you live in and who is running before casting your ballot.

Kings County also has several judicial contests within the Civil Court. These contests can have an impact on anyone dealing with legal matters.

In addition to electing City Council members and judges, the ballot will also include proposals that impact the State Constitution. This year, the two proposals ask voters whether smaller cities can change their debt limit in order to repair their schools and their sewage plants. Read up on these proposals before Nov. 7.

Brooklyn's new district

Headshot of CD43 Democratic candidate Susan Zhuang

District 43 is a newly formed district that incorporates parts of Bensonhurst, Boro Park and Sunset Park. Before the redrawn lines, it also covered Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. 

Susan Zhuang, who is a Democrat, and Ying Tan, who is a Republican, are both running for office in District 43. 

“We need elected officials from emerging communities that understand the struggles we face and are ready to hit the ground running on day one to make NYC better," Zhuang said. 

"This election is important because we have to fight for the issues that truly matter to Brooklynites.”

Brooklyn's City Council races




Other candidates

District 33

Lincoln Restler (incumbent)

Martha Rowen


District 34

Jennifer Gutierrez (incumbent)


Marguerite Chandler (Medical Freedom Party)

District 35

Crystal Hudson (incumbent)


District 36

Chi Ossé (incumbent)


District 37

Sandra Nurse (incumbent)

Isaiah Vega


District 38

Alexa Aviles (incumbent)

Paul Rodriguez


District 39

Shahana Hanif (incumbent)

Arkadiusz Tomaszewski


District 40

Rita Joseph (incumbent)


District 41

Darlene Mealy (incumbent)


District 42

Christopher Banks 


District 43

Susan Zhuang

Ying Tan


District 44

Kalman Yeger (incumbent)

Kalman Yeger

Heshy Tischler (Boro Park Flatbush Party)

District 45

Farah Louis (incumbent)


District 46

Mercedes Narcisse (incumbent)

Michael Moran

Adlerette Kebreau (Kebreau for Council 2023 Party)

District 47

Justin Brannan (Councilmember of District 43 before the lines were redrawn) 

Ari Kagan (incumbent)


District 48

Amber Adler

Inna Vernikov (incumbent)

Igor Kazatsker (Team Trump Party)


Brooklyn's Judicial Court races




Surrogate Court - General Election

Bernard Graham


NYC Civil Court Kings County

Monique Holaman

Betsey Jean-Jacques

Linda Wilson

Marva Brown


Civil Court 1st Municipal Court District

Rena Malik 


Civil Court 2nd Municipal Court District

Babatunde Akowe

Lola Waterman


Civil Court 3rd Municipal Court District 

Javier Ortiz


Supreme Court - 2nd Judicial Court

Rachel Freier
Joanne Quinones
Caroline Cohen
Heela Capell
Sharon Clarke
Saul Stein
Timothy Peterson

Rachel Freier
Joanne Quinones
Heela Capell
Sharon Clarke
Saul Stein
Timothy Peterson

Megan McGibney

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Megan McGibney is a multi-generational New Yorker who is originally from Staten Island.
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