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First Year of 24/7 Speed Camera Enforcement Shows Fewer Injuries, Deaths: City Report

Speeding dropped an average of 30%, building on the prior success of the speed camera program.
A speed camera along Houston Street in Manhattan’s East Village, which has seen speeding decline by 96% since speed cameras went 24/7.

Over the past year, speeding, injuries and traffic fatalities have all declined in areas where speed cameras have been used for 24/7 enforcement. NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez announced that speed camera violations dropped an average of 30%, with the most dramatic drop occurring on Houston Street in the East Village, where speeding declined by 96%.

“One year ago we launched 24/7 speed camera enforcement, and the results are in: the program has reduced speeding, decreased the number of injuries, and made our streets safer,” said Rodriguez. “Speeding happens most often on nights and weekends, and expanded enforcement has been a highly effective tool to keep New Yorkers safe.”

Since Mayor Eric Adams expanded speed camera enforcement, traffic fatalities on city streets dropped by 25% in speed camera zones during expanded hours. Previously, speed cameras were only legally permitted to operate on weekdays between 6:00am-10:00pm. 

Following 24-hour operations, NYC DOT recorded steep declines in speeding at Cropsey Avenue and North Conduit Boulevard in Brooklyn, at 84% and 74% respectfully. When monitoring traffic injuries during overnight and weekend hours at camera locations across the city, there was a noticeable 33% reduction in pedestrian injuries on Kings Highway in Brooklyn.

“The 30% decrease in speeding we have seen is 30% more New Yorkers who make it home safely to their families, and a 30% rise in traffic safety on our streets," said State Senator Andrew Gounardes. 

The first half of 2023 has been the safest year for pedestrians on record. With pedestrian fatalities down by nearly 20% through the first seven months of 2023, New York City is seeing historic declines in pedestrian deaths.


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