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Subway Mass Shooter Caught in the East Village Wednesday

Police say a bag with a hatchet, fireworks, two gas canisters were recovered from the scene and a single automatic handgun that apparently jammed which was, perhaps, what saved lives.
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Frank James was arrested Wednesday afternoon in New York City's East Village, less than 48 hours after becoming the suspect for the Tuesday morning subway mass shooting that injured 23 people.

After NYPD recovered a U-Haul van on Tuesday rented in James’s name and following a citywide manhut, the 62-year-old suspect was identified, caught and has been taken into custody.

“There was nowhere left for him to run,” the police commissioner said.

The suspect attacked straphangers on the N train early Tuesday in the tunnel between 59th and 36th Street stations in Brooklyn. When the train stopped in the tunnel, a man in a gas mask unloaded 33 shots, said police, shooting 10 people and injuring 13 more. 

Three hours later, terror and mayhem filled the station as passengers ran for their lives through the smoke and away from gunfire. 

Police say, where he was apprehended, fireworks, two gas canisters and a bag with a hatchet were recovered from the scene, along with a single automatic handgun that apparently jammed and which was, perhaps, what saved lives.

The motive for the shooting still remains unclear. But disturbing YouTube videos were found of Mr James ranting about Mayor Eric Adams, gun violence, the subway system and NYC’s mental health system.

At least seven of the shooting victims remain hospitalized and are in stable condition.

There will be an enhanced police presence across the New York City transit system throughout the day, a spokesman said.


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