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Brooklyn Building Owner to Pay $150K to Correct Lead-Based Paint Violations

The residential building owner will fix 100 lead-based paint violations in 688 households across 10 buildings in Brooklyn and Queens
Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 16.42.14
One of the buildings owned by Rosenfeld. Photo: Google Maps.

Building owner Jay Rosenfeld has reached a $150,000 settlement New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) to correct more than 100 lead-based paint violations in his Brooklyn and Queens buildings.

The majority of the violations relate to failure to comply with turnover requirements in his portfolio of 688 households across 10 buildings in the two boroughs.

Most violations were issued based on HPD’s audit of the buildings, which found Rosenfeld failed to maintain records related to lead-based activities in the building; specifically, 89 of the violations were issued in apartments where Rosenfeld failed to keep records about lead-based paint inspections and abatement on turnover.

Additional building-wide violations were issued for failure to maintain records on annual inspections and investigations, and others.

Rosenfeld must correct the violations, including the class “C” lead paint violations, within 90 days of the signing of a consent order issued by the court under New York City’s Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act.

HPD Commissioner Louise Carroll said children were especially vulnerable to lead exposure, which can have lasting health effects throughout their lives.

“As part of the LeadFreeNYC initiative to reduce child lead exposure, we’ve set a high bar for keeping children safe from lead through enhanced enforcement, education, and resources for property owners to make good on their obligations.”

The Brooklyn buildings included in the settlement are:

  • 1487 Shore Parkway, Bath Beach
  • 1429 Shore Parkway, Bath Beach
  • 29 Murdock Court, Gravesend
  • 8869 20 Avenue, Bath Beach
  • 8871 20 Avenue, Bath Beach
  • 2020 20 Lane, Bath Beach
  • 2036 Cropsey Avenue, Bath Beach
  • 2611 West 2 Street, Gravesend

HPD said it would continue to monitor progress, and it maintained the option to seek additional penalties in court if the violations were not corrected in time.