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City-Run Jobs, Workforce Training Fair in Brownsville Today

The city plans to have monthly hiring sessions in every borough through August.
A line for a NYC Transit job fair in Brooklyn in February 2024.

The city is launching Jobs NYC, an initiative to connect residents to jobs in places where there is high unemployment by launching a digital jobs portal and monthly hiring sessions across the five boroughs. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said he will launch, a talent portal that will serve as a centralized entry point into New York City’s vast workforce services, connecting job seekers to career opportunities, free employment services, and occupational skills training, aiming to help improve economic outcomes for all New Yorkers, according to a press release.

The first Brooklyn hiring session will occur today, March 27, at Brownsville Community Justice Center at 50 Belmont Avenue between 10 am and 2 pm. Those looking for jobs must RSVP for a timeslot here. 

The monthly events, expected to last through August, will help bring employers, resources, and the new talent portal to New Yorkers in their communities, the release said. It will feature some of the training and workforce services listed on the website, in addition to onsite employers.