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$18 Million Grant Spurs New Workforce Development Program

A new workforce development program will aim to train 2,300 New Yorkers for high-wage or unionized jobs over the next three years.
New York City Mayor Eric Adams today announced the launch of New York City Pathways to Industrial and Construction Careers (PINCC), an innovative new talent development initiative.

In an effort to see all New Yorkers earning a living wage, the city is launching a new workforce development program with the help of federal funds.

“All New Yorkers deserve to earn a living wage and share in our city’s prosperity, and that’s why I’m proud to announce the Pathways to Industrial and Construction Careers (PINCC),” said New York City mayor, Eric Adams.

The PINCC program will create training pathways and support for job seekers.

The program was formalized in Executive Order 22, and will be funded with an $18.6 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

“With the support of an $18.6 million federal grant, we are taking major steps towards making sure that thousands of New Yorkers have access to jobs that they can support a family with, while giving our city’s employers access to the talent they need to thrive,” said Adams.

Workforce development: PINCC

The PINCC will aim to engage participants through all three phases of the employment cycle: recruitment and training, job placement, retention, and advancement.

The program projects to train nearly 2,300 New Yorkers and help place them in high-wage and/or unionized jobs with benefits in roles, such as a diesel mechanic, general utility worker, tradesperson, or construction project manager.

The initiative will be target to cash assistance recipients and public housing residents, and aims to assist 2,300 in the next three years.

Key partners on the PINCC include two “catalyst” organizations: the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development and the nonprofit Consortium for Worker Education.

Both organizations will engage with employers, and the New York City Human Resources Administration will be responsible for recruiting participants.

Executive Order 22

The PINCC initiative helps to set the stage for the Adams administration’s newly announced citywide talent development strategy, set forth in Executive Order 22.

“This isn’t just about a single program — we are applying this same philosophy to revolutionize our approach to talent development in New York City by signing an executive order to streamline the efforts of nearly two dozen city agencies and offices that administer these programs,” said Adams.

The executive order will:

  • Create a citywide, cross-agency plan on talent and workforce development, which will be prepared and presented to the mayor annually
  • Develop a talent portal dashboard to show progress citywide
  • Consolidate the Mayor’s Office of Youth Employment and the implementation of the Project Labor Agreements/Community Hiring into the Office of Talent and Workforce Development
  • Empower the Office of Talent and Workforce Development to manage and make recommendations for the appointments to the Workforce Development Board
  • Four of the city’s current industry partnerships - healthcare, technology, construction, and manufacturing - which currently report to Small Business Services, will formally join the Office of Talent and Workforce Development to help develop and advance the citywide strategy

The order will also create a Future of Workers Task Force that will inform the city’s strategy.


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