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6 Best Online Tarot Reading: Websites to Get Your Reading

Tarot card reading is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to gain insight and guidance on life's questions.

Tarot card reading is an ancient practice that has been used to gain insight and guidance on life's questions. The origins of tarot are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed to have originated in medieval Europe and was used as a tool for divination and self-reflection. Today, tarot remains popular because it provides a unique way to connect with one's intuition and inner wisdom. It can offer clarity and direction on personal issues, relationships, career choices, and more. 

The rise of technology has helped bring the ancient practice of tarot reading into the modern age, making it easier than ever to get a reading from the comfort of your own home. This article will delve into the best online tarot reading platforms, exploring their offerings, pros and cons, and all the different types of readings available.  

But first, here's a sneak peek at some of the top online tarot reading sites:

  1. Psychic Source: Best for Spiritual Insights
  2. Kasamba: Best for Holistic Psychic Guidance
  3. Mystic Sense: Best for Insightful Psychic Readings
  4. Astrology: Best for Astrological Insights
  5. Tell My Tarot: Best for Tarot Divination
  6. Eva Tarot: Best for Tarot Draw Insights


Best Online Tarot Reading Card Platforms

Psychic Source: Best for Spiritual Insights


Psychic Source is a well-established and reputable online platform for psychic readings, including tarot readings. With a team of highly-rated psychics and a legacy spanning over 30 years, Psychic Source offers a range of readings, including love and relationships, career and finance, and spiritual guidance. The website is user-friendly and offers a variety of payment options and discounts for new users. Many users have praised the accuracy and helpfulness of their readings, making Psychic Source a popular choice.

Overall Rating Score (9.5/10)

Psychic Source earns a stellar rating of 9.5 out of 10. This high score is a testament to the platform's reliable service and the impressive accuracy and clarity of its advisors' readings. 

Pros & Cons


  • Long-standing reputation in the psychic reading domain
  • Rigorous screening process for psychics
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees


  • Introductory offers limited to new customers

Types of Readings Offered

Psychic Source offers various spiritual services. These include readings in the realms of love and relationships, career guidance, financial insights, health consultations, and spiritual development. The platform's comprehensive range of options ensures that seekers from all walks of life can discover personalized wisdom tailored to their unique journey.

Variety of Tarot Readers

Psychic Source's diverse lineup of tarot readers is nothing short of a tarot dream team. From love gurus to career seers to spiritual masters, the platform has a mix of specialists, ensuring that every seeker finds the perfect reader. 


Psychic Source offers competitive and affordable rates, with readings starting as low as $4 per minute. Additionally, the New Customer Introductory Special provides enticing options, such as $30 for 30 minutes, $20 for 20 minutes, or $10 for 10 minutes, accompanied by an extra 3 minutes free. 


Kasamba: Best for Holistic Psychic Guidance


Kasamba is a popular online psychic reading platform that offers a variety of services, including tarot readings. With a large network of experienced psychics, Kasamba provides readings via phone, chat, or email. The platform has a user-friendly interface and allows users to filter psychics based on their specialties, availability, and pricing. 

Overall Rating Score (9.5/10)

Kasamba holds an impressive overall rating score of 9.5/10. This platform consistently delivers insightful and personalized readings and has earned a devoted following of satisfied customers who appreciate the high-caliber service they receive.


>> Read the full Kasamba review

Pros & Cons


  • Extensive network of experienced psychics
  • 3 free minutes with new advisors 
  • User-friendly platform


  • Master-level psychics have more expensive rates 

Types of Readings Offered

Kasamba offers a comprehensive range of psychic readings. From clairvoyant readings that offer glimpses into the future to tarot spreads that reveal hidden truths, this platform is full of possibilities. Plus, astrology charts, mediumship connections, and numerological insights are just a few of the services that await those curious about the metaphysical realm. 

Variety of Tarot Readers

Kasamba's strength lies in its pool of tarot readers, each specializing in unique areas. Whether seeking love and relationship guidance, career forecasts, or understanding past lives, users can connect with experienced online tarot reading professionals.


Kasamba offers a range of pricing options, with rates ranging from $1.99 for beginner-level psychics to $39.99 per minute for master-level psychics. There are also 3 free chat minutes to help users find the perfect psychic match.

Mystic Sense: Best for Insightful Psychic Readings


Mystic Sense stands out as a leader in online psychic readings. The platform connects users with highly skilled and experienced psychics, including tarot readers. Mystic Sense's psychics specialize in a range of areas such as love and relationships, career and finance, and spiritual guidance. The website has a sleek and modern design, and users can easily search for a psychic based on their specialties and availability. 

Overall Rating Score (9/10)

Mystic Sense earns a stellar score of 9/10, thanks to its commitment to providing affordable, top-notch psychic services. It's designed to deliver accurate, personalized readings while maintaining strict ethical and quality standards. 

Pros & Cons


  • Experienced and honest psychics
  • Several different reading options
  • Various divination tools
  • Global accessibility and daily horoscopes


  • Varied psychic quality

Types of Readings Offered

Mystic Sense provides a variety of psychic readings, including but not limited to love and relationships, career forecasts, life path insights, destiny revelations, personal psychic development, family matters, grief counseling, and assistance in finding lost objects, pets, or people.

Variety of Tarot Readers

Mystic Sense has a massive roster of tarot readers, each bringing a unique approach and style to their readings. Users can explore profiles to find an online tarot reader whose energy resonates with their personal needs.


Mystic Sense offers 5 free minutes for your first reading after you create an account and make a $10 deposit. This gives you a chance to try out their services and get a feel for their psychics' styles and accuracy before you fully commit. Their pricing ranges from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute, depending on the psychic's experience level and specialty. Best for Astrological Insights

Overview is a comprehensive website that provides a variety of astrology-related services, including daily horoscopes, compatibility reports, and personalized readings. The website also offers articles and resources on astrology, tarot, and other metaphysical topics. One unique feature of is the ability to create a personalized astrology profile, which provides detailed insights into your personality and future prospects based on your birth chart. 

Overall Rating Score (8.5/10)

With an impressive overall rating score of 8.5 out of 10, has proven to be a reliable source of astrological insights. The platform's dedication to authenticity, quality content, and innovative features, such as real-time transit notifications, birth chart analysis, live Q&As, and personalized moon reports, make it a standout in the world of online astrology.

Pros & Cons


  • Daily horoscopes and detailed astrology reports
  • Skilled astrologers and tarot readers
  • Astrology+ subscription service


  • Limited free offerings

Types of Readings Offered specializes in a variety of astrological readings, including daily horoscopes, birth chart analyses, real-time transit notifications, live Q&As, and personalized moon reports. The platform ensures that users receive insights into different facets of their astrological journey.

Variety of Tarot Readers

While may not be the go-to spot for online tarot readings, it's still a stellar resource for all things astrological. The site offers in-depth info on the meanings of tarot cards, how they relate to astrology, and even how they can be used in combination. 

Price operates on a freemium model, providing a lot of free content. The Astrology+ subscription service, starting at $12.99 monthly, offers access to exclusive features, personalized horoscopes, and even more in-depth analysis of astrological phenomena. 

Tell My Tarot: Best for Tarot Divination


Tell My Tarot is a website that offers personalized tarot readings delivered by email. The website uses a unique algorithm to generate a customized reading based on your specific questions and concerns. Users can choose from a variety of different tarot decks and spreads, and the website offers both one-time readings and subscriptions for those who want ongoing guidance. 

Overall Rating Score (8.3/10)

Tell My Tarot distinguishes itself with a top-notch rating of 8.3 out of 10. Its commitment to personalized readings and high-quality interpretations has made it a popular choice for those seeking online tarot readings.

Pros & Cons


  • Tarot readings from diverse perspectives
  • Interactive experience allowing users to select cards 
  • In-depth information about each tarot card's meaning
  • Site serves as an educational resource


  • Limited live readings
  • Some users may find the site's navigation slightly complex

Types of Readings Offered

Whether you're curious about love and relationships, seeking clarity about your path, or simply want to explore the depths of a single card, Tell My Tarot has something for everyone. You can customize your tarot experience to meet your needs and interests, and the site's accessibility makes it a great starting point for those just beginning their tarot journey.

Variety of Tarot Readers

Tell My Tarot stands out among other online tarot services due to its personal touch and diverse offerings. The 'Charmaine's Take' feature provides users with expert analysis and interpretations from a seasoned tarot reader, offering valuable insights beyond the standard readings. 


Tell My Tarot predominantly operates on a free model, providing extensive educational resources and insightful tarot readings. 

Eva Tarot: Best for Free Tarot Rading



Eva Tarot is a platform that offers tarot readings by a professional reader named Eva. The website offers a range of reading types, including love and relationship readings, career readings, and general life advice. Eva has been a tarot reader for over 20 years and is known for her intuitive and compassionate approach to readings. 

Overall Rating Score (8/10)

Eva Tarot secures a noteworthy overall rating score of 8 out of 10. With almost three decades of expertise, Eva Delattre provides seekers with a gateway to understanding their hidden paths and future endeavors.

Pros & Cons


  • Unique fortune-telling experience
  • Diversity online tarot readings
  • Use of the Major Arcana


  • Limited live reading availability

Types of Readings Offered

Eva Tarot offers a range of tarot readings, including Yes or No Tarot, Celtic Cross Tarot, Love Tarot, Oracle Cards, Angel Tarot, Psychic Reading, Daily Tarot, Osho Tarot, Chinese Tarot, and Egyptian Tarot.

Variety of Tarot Readers

While Eva Delattre is the central figure in tarot interpretations, the platform's variety lies in the diverse readings offered. Each reading provides a unique perspective, creating a sense of variety within the overall tarot experience.


Eva Tarot primarily operates on a free model, allowing users to access insightful tarot readings without financial commitments. However, the inclusion of paid live reading opportunities could provide users with additional options for more personalized guidance.


How to Choose the Best Online Tarot Reading Site

Here, we will explore a series of details to consider when choosing the best online tarot reading:

Finding the Right Tarot Card Reader for You

Selecting the right online tarot reader involves establishing a personal connection and ensuring a comfortable interaction with the chosen tarot card reader. Consider factors such as the reader's communication style, empathy, and ability to resonate with your energy. Trust your instincts and opt for a reader with whom you feel a genuine connection.

Variety of Tarot Readers

Diversity in tarot readers allows seekers to find a professional aligned with their preferences. Explore platforms offering a variety of tarot readers, each with unique specialties, backgrounds, and approaches. This diversity ensures that users can select a reader whose style resonates with their specific needs, providing a customized and insightful tarot session.

Communication Channels

Consider the available communication channels when choosing an online tarot reading platform. Whether you prefer the immediacy of a live chat, the thoughtful nature of email exchanges, or the direct connection through a phone call, selecting a platform with diverse communication options enhances the flexibility and convenience of your tarot consultations.

Types of Readings Offered

Evaluate the range of tarot readings provided by the platform. A comprehensive selection may include love tarot, career-focused readings, or general life guidance. Assess your needs and opt for a platform offering a variety of readings, ensuring that you can explore different aspects of your life through the lens of tarot, providing a more holistic understanding.

Credentials and Training

Prioritize platforms that emphasize the credentials and training of their tarot readers. Look for readers with verifiable expertise, possibly backed by certifications or relevant training in tarot reading. This ensures a higher level of professionalism, competence, and ethical standards, contributing to a more trustworthy and accurate tarot reading experience.

Free and Paid Options

The availability of both free and paid tarot options is a key consideration. While free options provide an introduction to the platform's offerings, paid services may offer more in-depth and personalized readings. A platform offering a balance between free and paid choices ensures accessibility for all users, accommodating diverse preferences and budgets in the pursuit of insightful tarot guidance.

What to Expect from Online Tarot Reading

Online tarot readings offer various card spreads catering to diverse needs. Let’s evaluate them.

Types of Tarot Reading Cards: What Is the Difference Between Them

  • One-Card Spread: Provides concise insights into a specific question or situation.
  • Three-Card Spread: Offers past, present, and future perspectives, unveiling the dynamics of a situation.
  • Celtic Cross Spread: A complex layout revealing detailed aspects of the past, present, and future, providing a comprehensive understanding of the seeker's circumstances.
  • Additional Spreads: Depending on the platform, seekers may encounter unique spreads designed for specific queries or themes. Additional spreads may include the Horseshoe, Star, or Decision-Making Spread, each providing a unique perspective.

Types of Tarot Card Readings

Online tarot readings cover an array of life aspects, each with its unique focus:

Love and Relationship Readings

Gain clarity on romantic matters, understand relationship dynamics, and receive guidance on matters of the heart.

Career Readings

Explore insights related to your professional path, career decisions, and opportunities for growth.

Financial Readings

Receive guidance on financial matters, investments, and strategies for prosperity.

Health and Wellness Readings

Focus on physical and mental well-being, providing guidance on health-related queries.

Spiritual Readings

Delve into spiritual growth, inner exploration, and the connection between the self and the universe.


What Are the Benefits of Online Tarot Card Reading

According to specialist Brenda Mejia and insights from psychic professionals, online tarot readings offer several benefits:


Online tarot readings serve as a tool for self-discovery, offering a mirror to one's inner thoughts, desires, and potential.

Insight into Relationships

Navigate the complexities of relationships, gaining valuable insights into dynamics and future possibilities.

Spiritual Growth

Navigate your spiritual journey with guidance from tarot cards, facilitating personal and spiritual evolution.

Finding Clarity and Direction

Online tarot readings provide clarity, helping seekers make informed decisions and find direction in various aspects of life.

Technological Advances in Online Tarot Readings

The evolution of online tarot readings has introduced technological advancements, including:


  • AI and Automated Tarot Reading: Utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to generate readings based on programmed interpretations, offering quick and accessible insights.
  • Human/Psychic Reading: Involves live interactions with experienced psychics, providing personalized and intuitive interpretations tailored to the seeker's energy and specific queries.


The choice between automated and human readings depends on personal preferences, with AI offering efficiency and accessibility, while human readings provide a more personalized and intuitive experience.


Improving Your Experience with Online Tarot Reading

According to psychic specialists, including Brenda Mejia, these are some of the things you need to be conscious of when finding an online tarot reading:

Online Tarot Reading Tips for Beginners

Getting ready for your first online tarot reading journey? Here are some valuable tips to enhance your journey:


  • Clarify Your Intentions: Before the reading, reflect on your intentions and the specific areas of your life you want insights into. This clarity enhances the relevance of the reading.
  • Start with One-Card Draws: For beginners, begin with simple one-card draws. This focused approach allows you to gradually understand the cards and their meanings.
  • Use Reputable Platforms: Opt for well-established and reputable online tarot platforms. Research and read user reviews to ensure a reliable and authentic experience.
  • Choose a Quiet Setting: Create a quiet and comfortable space for your reading. Minimize distractions to help you focus on the cards and your thoughts.

How to Prepare for a Tarot Online Tarot Reading Session

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for an enriching online tarot reading session:


  • Create a Quiet Space: Find a quiet and comfortable space for the reading. Minimize distractions to allow for focused contemplation during the session.
  • Formulate Clear Questions: Frame your questions precisely. Specific inquiries yield more detailed and relevant insights, enhancing the overall quality of the reading.
  • Relax and Center Yourself: Take a few moments to relax and center yourself. Deep breathing exercises or meditation can help calm your mind, promoting a receptive state.
  • Have Pen and Paper Handy: Keep a notepad and pen nearby to jot down important insights or reflections during and after the reading.

Making the Most Out of Your Tarot Card Reading Experience

Maximizing the benefits of a tarot card reading involves active participation and reflection:


  • Take Notes: Document the cards drawn and the interpretations provided. This allows for later reflection and tracking of the progression of insights over time.
  • Incorporate the Guidance: Integrate the guidance received into your life. Whether it's making decisions, embracing changes, or enhancing self-awareness, actively apply the insights gained.
  • Schedule Regular Sessions: For ongoing guidance, schedule regular tarot reading sessions. Consistency allows for a deeper understanding of patterns, progress, and personal growth.
  • Share Your Feedback: Provide feedback to the reader. Sharing your experience helps them tailor future sessions to better meet your needs and ensures a more personalized connection.


Online tarot readings are a fusion of ancient wisdom and technological innovation that opens doors to self-discovery and profound insights. Between Psychic Source's spiritual services, Kasamba's holistic guidance, Mystic Sense's insightful readings,'s celestial insights, Tell My Tarot's diverse perspectives and Eva Tarot's unique fortune-telling experience, seekers have plenty of choices.

While tarot readings may be alluring, it's important to exercise caution and discernment when seeking a platform. Some platforms rely on automated readings generated by AI, while others provide a more personal touch through human interaction. Regardless of the approach, the ultimate goal is to provide seekers with genuine insights and clarity in their journey of self-discovery and decision-making. In the digital world, the choice of a platform is crucial, as it can greatly impact the quality and authenticity of the reading experience.

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