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New Community Service Site Opening at Flatbush Gardens

With its new office space, nonprofit Bridging Access to Care will provide crucial supportive services to the apartment complex's residents.

Bridging Access to Care (BAC), a nonprofit that provides social support services to under-served communities in the city, is opening a new community service site in Flatbush Gardens.

BAC said it will connect Flatbush Gardens residents with supportive services, such as behavioral health, housing, parenting, case management, and care coordination services, according to a news release. In addition, the nonprofit will develop a plan to provide those services to the apartment complex’s at-risk population. 

Flatbush Gardens is one of the largest housing developments in Brooklyn, with the majority of its nearly 2,500 apartments made up of low-income families.

“At BAC, we not only focus on what we can do to help individuals improve their quality of life, but also on how we can uplift and strengthen entire communities,” said Nadine Akinyemi, chief executive officer of Bridging Access to Care. “By moving into a dedicated space in Flatbush Gardens, we will be able to provide meaningful resources from within, streamlining access to support in a neighborhood where it is desperately needed.” 

BAC is establishing the new community service site in partnership with Clipper Equity, a real estate firm.

Various programming has already started being offered by BAC, including a monthly wellness event that features free messages, yoga, as well as courses for anger management and addiction recovery.

“It is an absolute priority for us to do everything we can to build a supportive environment at Flatbush Gardens, and giving BAC a free space in the heart of the complex will deliver bespoke resources straight to the residents that need them most,” said JJ Bistricer, chief operating officer of Clipper Equity. “With dedicated staff and resources for mental health, parenting, wellness education, substance-use and more just steps away from their homes, the lives of countless Flatbush Gardens community members will be transformed by the new BAC office.”