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IMPACCT Brooklyn Receives Investment For Supportive Housing

Support comes from Council Member Chi Ossé.

IMPACCT Brooklyn has received an investment of $300,000 towards the development of supportive housing at 778 Myrtle Avenue by Council Member Chi Ossé.

Ossé, who represents New York City's 36th District, encompassing Bedford-Stuyvesant and north Crown Heights, said it was important to support a nonprofit that was helping to ease the housing crisis. 

"IMPACCT is an invaluable community partner, and we are proud to provide them with funding to help tackle this crisis for our neighbors," said Ossé. "In particular, the planned supportive housing will address a specific and pressing need felt by vulnerable members of the community."

Housing policy has emerged as a critical concern for New York City residents, given the city's severe affordability crisis. According to the NYC True Cost of Living report, 50% of the city's working-age households struggle to meet the minimum cost of living. Among these households, a staggering 79% face housing burdens, allocating more than a third of their income towards housing expenses. 

“We appreciate Council Member Chi Ossé's investment in supportive housing at 778 Myrtle Avenue. The investment is a testament to our shared commitment to providing supportive housing in our community," said Bernell Grier, Executive Director, IMPACCT Brooklyn. "This significant contribution will assist IMPACCT Brooklyn in creating stable living spaces for those in need, and assisting in our dedication to fostering inclusive and supportive communities throughout Brooklyn.”