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Immigrant-Taught Pop-Up University Returning to Brooklyn Public Library

Among the various subjects slated to be taught this upcoming semester are music, architecture, social media, French literature, meditation and more.
2020 Open Air University. Photo: Provided/Gregg Richards.

Brooklyn Public Library has announced that University Open Air will be returning this month with its Winter Residency semester, offering free courses to the public from Feb. 23-26.

University Open Air is an immigrant-taught pop-up university that educates knowledge-hungry New Yorkers about a wide range of interesting subjects.

Among the various subjects that are slated to be taught this upcoming semester are music, architecture, social media, French literature, meditation, and more.

The pop-up university serves as a platform for globally trained immigrants to impart their breadth of knowledge with New York residents. With some of the educators unable to work in their area of study in America, the university gives them an avenue to teach others about subjects that they are well-versed in.

The university’s diverse roster of professors consists of immigrant teachers, professors, and academics that come from countries all-around the world, including France, China, Jamaica, Columbia, Pakistan, and Tibet.

To date, University Open Air has provided no-cost education to more than 1000 New Yorkers through its array of classes.

“We are thrilled to begin a new semester of University Open Air,” said László Jakab Orsós, Vice President, Arts and Culture, Brooklyn Public Library. “Our cadre of international scholars will inform and delight as they discuss a wide range of topics from ancient architecture to feng shui. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Winter Residency!”

University Open Air’s upcoming Winter Residency semester is open to the public and will be taking place at the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch, located at 10 Grand Army Plaza. 

To check out the university’s full schedule of courses, or to register, head over to the Brooklyn Public Library website.