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Art Installation Provides an Oasis of Shade at Flatbush Junction

The Flatbush Nostrand Junction Business Improvement District announces the launch of "Raindrops @ the Junction."
Dancing on the Plaza, June 2023.

An innovative art and design project featuring 250 umbrellas has landed on Hillel Plaza. "Raindrops @ the Junction" is the first Umbrella Sky Project in the Tri-State and New York City.

"Bursting with creativity and resilience, Brooklyn stands as a glowing beacon in the global cultural landscape. 'Raindrops @ the Junction' is a reflection of this vibrancy, inscribing a unique chapter in our artistic narrative," said Rasu Jelani, the executive director of Brooklyn Arts Council.

"This pioneering installation testifies to our ability to convert urban landscapes into storytelling platforms that echo our shared experiences. Public art in Brooklyn transcends aesthetic appeal, serving as a dynamic dialogue, a tribute to our diversity, and a rallying cry for unity and growth. It communicates in the unique dialect of our city, reminding us that we are not mere residents, but active contributors shaping the essence of our community. Like 'Raindrops,' public art illuminates our path towards a future filled with mutual understanding and collaborative growth." 

The ground mural by Artist Humble, Hive Public Space and the Flatbush Nostrand Community intending to address economic and urban development challenges. 

“I am excited to join the Flatbush Junction BID and the Flatbush community and welcome 'Raindrops @ the Junction,' an installation of international public art in Central Brooklyn," said Council Member Farah Louis.

"The remarkable efforts in creating this captivating piece demonstrate our commitment to cultivating the intersection and vibrancy of art within the cultural vitality of our community. I am particularly thrilled about the positive impact this initiative will have on our seniors, as it fosters a sense of belonging and enriches their lives with joy and inspiration. By supporting 'Raindrops @ the Junction,' we strengthen our community, uplift our seniors, and celebrate the power of art.” 

"Raindrops @ the Junction" solidifies Brooklyn’s Flatbush Junction as an iconic, must-visit destination and will feature seasonal programming such as the African Pop-Up Festival, Dancing on the Plaza, marketplaces featuring local artisans and weekly physical fitness classes for seniors presented by Humana.

“The fun fitness experience ties in perfectly with the wellness offerings at our Humana Neighborhood Center on Flatbush, and we’re thrilled to once again support bringing this Little Caribbean series to the local community," said Cara Brown, Humana NYC Director.

"Not only will it help you stay active and engaged this summer, but it’s a great way to stay social and make new friends. And, we invite everyone to visit our local Humana Neighborhood Center after the workout.”



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