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50 Ideas for a Better Brooklyn

A new report highlights ideas to bolster affordable housing and capping rents for small businesses.
Brooklyn Bridge.

The Center for an Urban Future (CUF) and Brooklyn Org (BKO) unveiled a new report aimed at creating a more robust and fair Brooklyn.

Titled "50 Ideas for a Stronger and More Equitable Brooklyn," the report lays out a comprehensive roadmap packed with policy proposals that are sourced from numerous influential figures in the borough, according to a news release. 

Crafted by a diverse group of community leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, artists, faith leaders, nonprofit executives, and public health experts, the proposals are designed to address key challenges that Brooklynites face on a daily basis.

The ideas listed in the report cover a wide range of issues, from affordable housing and healthcare access to economic empowerment and neighborhood revitalization. 

Among the suggestions highlighted in the report include capping rent increases for small businesses, revamping the affordable housing lottery to benefit longtime residents, utilizing Prospect Park for community health initiatives, opening mental health care centers for migrants and more.

“Brooklyn is thriving in the city’s post-pandemic recovery, but there is significant work to be done to help all residents benefit from the borough’s growing prosperity,” said Jonathan Bowles, executive director of the Center for an Urban Future. “This report provides the kind of fresh and bold ideas that everyone agrees will be needed to create a stronger and more equitable borough.”

The Brooklyn analysis serves as the first in a series of forthcoming reports that will be released by CUF in the near future. Each report will present several ideas on how to bolster each of the five NYC boroughs.